Monday, June 8, 2015

A break from Pop Culture-Best Friend Day.

This Monday morning, after an intensely heartbreaking episode of Game of Thrones and very little sleep, I want to blog about something positive and uplifting. And, since it's National Best Friend Day, why not blog about friendship? It's something everyone can relate to and hopefully everyone has at least one or two good ones. The kind that lift you up, that are there for the good and the bad, the kind that get you through times you just don't think you'll make it through. The kind of friends that have your back no matter what, but who will call you out and let you when you are wrong. Those kind of friends, that's what makes it all worth it. Especially when you feel alone-they remind you that you are far from it. 

"WE" is a simple word but so powerful when you feel alone. The "I" in single mom can especially be overwhelming, so when "I" becomes "WE", it changes everything. It changes perspectives, it changes ideas, attitudes, it gives's a big deal. When I found out (VERY unexpectedly) that I was going to be a single mom, it was my friends (and sister, she is in this category) that got me through. They rallied around and let it be known that "WE" would be ok, "WE" got this. When said sister was diagnosed with 9 brain tumors and it felt like the world completely stopped spinning, it was them who, once again, said "WE" would get through it and she would fight those tumors with the strength of all of us behind her. Most recently, when I found myself happy, falling in love yet terrified to my core after meeting a man and introducing him to my son/family, it was them again who said "WE" think he's amazing, "WE" think he's worth it, "WE" want you to let that guard down finally and be happy. And I thank God for them for being able to see that that he was worth the risk- especially after realizing they have all been right! =)  In short, they continue to be the "WE" behind me. I feel like I can do anything because I have this amazing core group of friends that will help dust me off when I fall, but will push me to try it again. They are diverse in background and ethnicity's but their true character are all similar. Some are quiet, some are loud, some are married and are mothers or fathers, others are single and mingling. Some give quiet strength and advice, others will put it right there on Front Street and simply say "STOP BEING AN IDIOT". But what they have in common is that they all have hearts that are huge, they all have compassion and empathy for anyone in their life, and they all (in their own way) are funny as all hell. I find those combinations to be harder to find, so I treasure these lunatics of mine with all my soul. 

To my circle of friends, the girls and boys in this crazy crew: Thank you. Thank you for being there, thank you for ALWAYS being there for my son and I. Thank you for taking the frantic 10pm phone calls when I inevitably cannot get out of my own way. Thank you for telling me when I fuck up-yet loving me anyway. Thank you for seeing not only my side but all sides of things. Thank you for having the baseball bat ready at all times when someone does one of us wrong-because when one is wronged, we all are wronged. Thank you for being there through the good, the bad, the ugly, the ridiculous, the absurd, the boring, the hilarious, the REAL. I love you more than you can ever know and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Happy Best Friends Day y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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