Wednesday, March 11, 2015

As my BFF pointed out, it's been a hot minute since I've blogged last. Life gets in the way sadly, but there has been a LOT happening on The Walking Dead so I'm going to do something a little different: I'm just going to discuss how I feel about things and those who want to contribute please feel free to do so. I know some people have a hard time commenting on here so you can comment under my Facebook page if you would like. There's a lot to discuss so let's go!

-Rick. Rick is officially clean shaven, showered and hot again. Pheeeeeeew. That was a LONG time coming! He is back to his cop roots but still is really, really not believing everything Alexandia seems to be offering. He enjoys but is scared of Carl and Judith settling in and being kids again because, the world outside is completely different. It's almost as if Rick and his gang are the bad guys now and its a sad realization actually. The people of Alexandria seem like really good people (for the most part) and my gut feeling is that Rick and crew will eff that up big time. Le sigh.

Carol. WHOA Carol. She has become the single most badass cardigan/khaki wearing character in all of television history. Bold statement you say???? Mayhaps. BUT. Who else could threaten and terrorize a child with a sweet voice, an angel face and a cardigan-and you actually can't blame her???? NOONE. NO.ONE. Not a single person. She is covert PTA mom who by day is sweet and naive but by night is gun and chocolate stealing BADD ASS MOTHA EFFER. She so completely rocks that if anything happens to her either, we all riot. #Scarol.

-Michonne is soooo ready to drink the Alexandria kool-aid and who can blame her? She's distrusting but not Rick-like distrusting. She truly wants to be settled in a place where she can have a life again. It's a sweet notion but with Gangsta Rick at the helm, who knows how that will work out????

-Sasha. Poor Sasha. She is having PTSD like whoa and cannot grasp that these people, for the most part, have not had experiences anywhere near like she has had. She is grieving the loss of Bob and Tyrese and almost resents the people of Alexandria who's biggest worry is what kind of meal to make, not how to survive on a second to second basis. It's a lot to swallow for sure, but Sasha seems to be slowly losing it. I hope she recovers before blowing a seemingly great gig-like running water and electricity!

-Darryl. Darryl is the most fish out of water when it comes to Alexandria. I think a lot has to do with him always being an outcast, even pre-zombiepocolypse. He has never quite fit in anywhere except for within Rick's group, so he is really having a hard time acclimating to the people of Alexandria. Aaron, however, is making headway and it's actually a very sweet friendship developing. I like it a lot. And if Darryl dies, like so many people are predicting, I will riot in the mean streets of Northborough like noones business. Don and Ann will be with me-three people rioting in a small town will make headlines, trust. 

Eugene. My sweet, sweet Eugene is nowhere to be found and I'm about to riot about that! I need my mullet fix quick, fast and in a hurry!!! I want to see him awkwardly discussing nerd stuff with the PTA board at Alexandria. I want him to be all stalky and weird and on my tv screen damn it!!!! <end rant>

Everyone else seems status quo. Glenn and Maggie are doing well, Ginger Abe is hilariously drunk and everyone else is trying to make it work. There are only a few episodes left to the season which petrifies me because the action part of TWD hasn't been too happening. Which tends to mean that they will make up for it at the end...and I'm scared of that. I don't want to lose anyone else, especially not an OG. The rumors are that Glenn or Darryl will die at the end of the season- if I could punch rumors in the face I so would. At this point the only ones that could go, for me, would be Father Badtime or Rosita. They don't bring much to the table. If one of the core group goes, I riot. Northborough PD you are on warning. It will be ON.  

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