Friday, February 13, 2015

The Walking Dead recap: In Mourning

It's been 3 months since The Walking Dead mid season finale and I, like all y'all, couldn't wait for it to come back. But now, after seeing the premiere episode, I want to go back. I want to go back to when Tyrese was ok and we were mourning just Bob and Beth. Now I feel like we're just going to stay in mourning with no end in sight. Damn you TWD writers!! Damn you all!!!

The episode begins like an acid trip gone wrong. There are weird, sepia images with a picture of twin boys, a house with blood dripping on the frame, Maggie crying and Father Gabe giving a funeral. We all assume of course that it's Beth that they are grieving and giving a funeral for-but we are all wrong. Sadly, very much wrong.

Rick, Glenn, Michonne, Tyrese and Noah head to Noah's house where he believes his mother and twin brothers are. Rick insists they go since Beth was going to help Noah get there, and everyone agrees. They arrive at Noah's old neighborhood and it's completely destroyed. Noah breaks down in tears-his hope for his family having some sort of zombie-resistant shelter is gone. Rick, Glenn and Michonne go searching for supplies while Noah runs to his house, with Tyrese in tow. Tyrese insists on opening the door first and he sees a woman who's head was bashed in laying on the floor. The work of humans or zombies? We don't know. Noah goes to the woman, his mom, and covers her with a rug. Tyrese hears a noise and goes to find out what it is when, inexplicably, he gets mesmerized by a pictures of Noah's twin little brothers. Of course it's that moment when a twin, now zombiefied, appears and bites Tyrese in the arm. Noah hears the commotion and kills his little brother. He sees Tyrese is bitten and runs for help. Tyrese is fighting for his life and in doing so sees images of the recent dead. He sees the girls, Lizzie and Mika. He sees Bob. He sees Beth singing (apparently not even death silences that girl) and he sees the Governor and Kyle-who taunt the crap out of him and who try to get him to question what has gotten him to this place and to question his decisions. Kyle is still a d*ck in death and the Governor is still a narcissistic a-hole. God I miss him!!!  Noah and crew come back and immediately chop off Tyrese's arm in order to try to save him. They (painfully) manage to get him to the truck and that's where he sees the girls and Beth and what we now know are his angels, who tell him that it's "much better now" where they are. Tyrese dies and we see that the opening montage was not a funeral for Beth, it was a funeral for Tyrese. They put his hat on the cross they made for him and now we are left as they are: mourning and not knowing what comes next.

I know a lot of people didn't really like the episode but I loved it. I LOVED seeing the Governor again and to see what it must be like on the cusp of life and death, the things that come back to you when you're wondering when to keep fighting or just give up. And, I think it was a fitting end for Tyrese. He's always been, from day one, a man of heart and goodness. He's been the moral compass and he deserved an episode dedicated to him. So I'm happy with it. I hope y'all were too!!!!  Things look bleak again this Sunday but I hope everyone is as happy as I am that it's back!!! =)

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