Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Midseason finale: Holy crap

Wow. Ok. So this past episode of TWD was definitely NOT a filler episode. Between Rick, Darryl, Michonne and Beth, this was one for the books. Even though my Eugene was limited to a shot of him sleeping in the back of a firetruck, it was still a pretty awesome episode. Despite Father Gabriel. Ugh. 

It starts off with Rick running down a handcuffed, escaped-Bob with a car and essentially breaking his back. Rick tells him that he should have stopped when Rick told him to stop. Bob makes a pretty prolific reply of "Well, I don't know you. Why would I stop??" Rick shoots him in the head and it's now NuRick. RoboRick. It's Rick Grimes, bitch!!! He ain't playin no mo. It doesn't matter if you know him or not-listen to him or else get dead! Rick then has to figure out what to do with the other two cops he has hostage. Darryl is pretty much his conscience as he (plus the two cops) persuade him to try to bargain them for Carol and Beth with no further blood shed. The cops say they will tell Dawn that the walkers killed Bob so that no one else gets killed. Rick reluctantly agrees and it all sounds like a flawless plan. So, we know how that will go =(

Back at the church, Father Idiot decides he has to see if the talk of cannibals and the lack of humanity is true. So he digs and pries himself out of the church and finds Bob's leg. He sees that the world is indeed coming to an end and it's that point, of course, a horde of zombies start to come after him. Seeing as he can't really walk, never mind run, he barely makes it back to the church to where the front door is boarded up. He screams and begs for Michonne to help him and he FINALLY feels what all his parishioner's felt as they begged for their lives while he holed up in the church safely #karma. It's at the last second Michonne chops her way through the barricade and lets Idiot in. They have to leave the same way Idiot left and now the church is overcome by zombies. Just when it looks like all hope is lost for them, here comes the firetruck with Ginger Abe driving! They tell Michonne, Carl and Idiot about Eugene lying and Michonne delivers the news to Maggie that her sister that she has completely forgotten about is in fact alive! Maggie then remembers that she has a sister and seems pretty excited about that. #plothole. They agree to go as a team to help get Beth and Carol back.

At the hospital, Rick and Dawn are ready for the mutual hostage exchange. All goes eerily smooth, Carol and Beth are back in the fold-until Douchey Dawn insists that Noah be returned as well. Rick says "No way, I'm Rick Grimes bitch!!" but Dawn apparently didn't watch Dave Chappelle and couldn't appreciate the reference. Noah, seemingly defeated, decides to just go back. He doesn't want anymore blood shed on his account. Beth, who truly cares about Noah, hugs him and decides she's had enough of Dawn and her endless "but I'm a good person in bad situation and I just HAVE to be a heartless bitch because, you know, zombiepocolypse" sermons. Beth, who had smuggled a pair of scissors in her sleeve,says to Dawn "I get it now" (which essentially means that despite your long winded soliloquies about how you're a good person, you're really a piece of shit and you need to go) and stabs her in the chest. Dawn, holding a gun, pulls the trigger (maybe accidentally) and shoots Beth right in the head!!! Shocked and devastated, Darryl kills Dawn execution style and it looks like all hell is going to break loose with the remaining factions. The woman cop/hostage says "NO! No more!!! Dawn's dead, we're not like her" and begs for everyone to put their weapons down. She offers Rick and company the hospital to stay with them but Rick says no way jose, offers anyone that wants to leave with them the chance to but he's outtie 3,000. Mic drop, Rick Grimes out bitches!!! They all exit the hospital and Maggie has a look of happiness on her face seeing Carol-until she sees Darryl carrying Beth's lifeless body. I guess remembering the fact that she does have a sister, and that she could be alive, affected her because she screams like someone actually grieving. (Mad props to actress Lauren Cohan for trying to pull that off because, in all honesty, it was kind of hard to swallow). 

So that's the end of our Sunday nights until February =( It ended with a bang and I cannot wait until it's return!!!! Hope you all have an amazing holiday season and new year. See you in February!!!!!!

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