Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We finally know where Beth is...and???

So Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" was devoted to finding out where Beth has been-and I don't feel it was a particularly great episode.  I feel like we could have had maybe 20 minutes focusing on her, 20 minutes on Rick or Glenn, and 20 minutes of waaaaaay too many commercials....but that's not how it went. So basically, to sum it up, there are more bad people in the world of the Zombiepocolypse. The people that have Beth salvaged a hospital and live and work there now. They "saved" Beth from "rotters" but not in an altruistic, 'I just want to help' way-it was in order to have more worker bee/slaves to help keep "The System" they built alive. Dawn, the leader, is a cop and is the anti-Rick. She hits Beth a few times for no apparent reason really other than she damn well felt like it-and she likes her uniform cleaned and neatly pressed. In the Zombiepocolypse. Ok then. She also believes that this system is only for the time being-someone out there will come for them. (Hashtag delusional). Another cop, Gorman, is a disgusting rapist who sees Beth and sees a new victim. Dr. Edwards is a seemingly nice guy who explains the system to Beth and tells her whatever she takes she owes-and it seems that the people there never really stop owing. There is a patient named Noah who was "saved" as well, but as we learn later on he was only "saved" because they thought of him as weak. He was with his dad, who was big and strong and they left him to be eaten by the "rotters". Noah sees past Beth's young, petite blond exterior and sees her strength. He opens up to her and tells her that he is planning on busting out of there. Joan, another patient, is clearly victimized by Gordon and is hell bent on getting out. Joan confesses to Beth that Dawn knows exactly what Gorman does but doesn't stop him because it's "easier to make a deal with the devil when you're not the one paying the price". Damn. She manages to escape but gets bitten by a zombie. She wants to die and begs for that, but instead they SAW HER ARM OFF to keep the bite from spreading. It was pretty horrific because not only has Joan lived in an unending  nightmare with Rapester McGee Gordon, she now has to endure that with one arm now. It's sad. There is another victim rushed in who had fallen off a building and our good doctor refused to treat him. When Dawn forced him to, he did the bare minimum. Later on he asked Beth to give him his medicine, which ended up killing him. Noah gets the beat down for that because he takes the blame but Dawn knows it wasn't Noah who did it. When Beth confronted Dr. Edwards about why he gave her the wrong name of the medicine to inject, it comes out that the patient was a doctor and he didn't want to get usurped, so he killed him (naturally). Beth has enough and she and Noah hatch an escape plan. She goes into Dawn's office to steal a key and sees Joan's dead body on the floor, apparently Joan took her own life. Rapey McGee comes in, catches Beth and is about to attack her when she cracks him over the skull with a candy bowl. Joan becomes a zombie at that point and eats her abuser like whoa! It was pretty awesome. Beth and Noah escape, and they run outside to where the walkers are coming for them. Noah, hurt from the jump they had to make down the elevator shaft (ewwe), looks like he won't make it. But then, two officers come out of nowhere and tackle Beth. Noah flees and Beth smiles-she's just glad Noah was able to make it out alive. They return Beth to Dawn and Beth lays the verbal smackdown with "You're wrong! Noone is coming for you!! All this is for nothing!!" Dawn, being Dawn, lays the physical smackdown on Beth because, she's Dawn and the truth hurts. Then we see another 'victim' needing to be saved and guess who it is??? CAROL!!! YEAH!!! Carol will kill them all in her Robo-Carol way for sure.THAT will be a great episode!!! Hopefully it's Noah that is with Darryl because I really like him. He would be a great addition to the group-and an age appropriate love interest for Beth (aka NOT Darryl). I'm looking forward to this Sunday's episode!!


  1. Like Woah fo sho! Lol, how horrible was that elevator shaft, I don't know how I would do in the zombie apocalypse for the simple fact that I don't like sloshing around in dead bodies! Also the arm cutting off scene was absolutely horrifying. #blogonpoint!

    1. Hahaha I knew you'd like that!!! lol. Yeah the elevator shaft was NASTY. See, I think you have the survival instincts of Darryl. I think you'd live longer than you think. The decomposing bodies become part of the norm I think. Distgustingly part of the norm. The arm was sooo horrific!!! Poor Joan. Hahahah thanks love!!! #Dondeisbetterthanfroyo