Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Walking Dead-Kinda on the fence

I didn't recap last week's episode of TWD because, quite frankly, I was too busy and didn't feel enough about the episode to come correct. It had Carryl-I should have been overjoyed! But alas, I was not. My friend called it a "filler episode". Those are episodes where something happens but usually it's dragged out until the last few minutes and I agree with his assessment. I feel like last night was filler-esque, but had enough action to move things forward. Next week SHOULD be a good one but we shall see.

Instead of recapping, because busy,I would like to take the time to vent-something noone on that show does which frustrates me to no end. I think I could survive in the Zombiepocolypse. I could whoop a walker like a mofo, cut a walker bitch and shank it like it's 1999 . BUT, I could not do the whole avoidey/not discuss anything thing that they do. It's so frustrating!! Carryl was together. Carryl understand and care about each other like noone else-how could she NOT tell him about the girls???? That weighs on her so heavily and yet she couldn't tell Darryl??? And Darryl couldn't express his guilt about "losing" Beth, especially after they grew so close??? I mean, really. So it was refreshing to see SOME sort of emotions last night, even if it was Maggie going all "Kelly" as an extremely intelligent gent put it (hahaha!), aiming her gun at Abraham and telling him in no uncertain terms that he better get over himself or else. While my Eugene lay out in the hot Georgia sun either unconscious or in a coma, Abraham was having an internal battle that only played out at the end. It was only when Eugene (and not the walkers we've come to expect) made gurgling noises and signs of life that Abraham took the bottle of water Maggie offered him and took a long awaited sip. That was his way of showing that he is not giving up. I think he was the only one who was actually suicidal out of the group, so you can see why Eugene's revelation was completely devastating to him. I'm now officially interested in Ginger Abe (platonically of course). 

 Tara was kind of on fire last night with the one liners, naming her group (Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene and herself) GREATM, telling walkers not to bother making the trek to Washington and having some silly fun fishing with Rosita and Glenn.  And then there was Sasha. Sasha, the smart, tough, emotionally beaten gal who meets someone named "Bob" and loses any sense at all, gets set up by a cop in a very un-Sasha like way. I feel like we all were collectively shouting to her "DON'T DO IT!! Don't turn your back on him!!"  And then she did. Le sigh. It felt very uncharacteristic of her but it did get things moving.

Next week's episode looks pretty great. Hopefully the blog will be more inspired but until then, hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving full of family, friends and lots of turkey!!!! =)

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