Monday, November 10, 2014

Heartbreak thy name is Eugene...le sigh

Welp. Last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" was a tough one for good  ol' Pop Culture Kelly. You see, Eugene and I have been in a fictitious relationship all in my mind ever since he made his game changing debut on the show. He had me at his mullet. A nerd with a mullet is my jam-can't lie. As with any healthy fake relationship, I ignored the warning signs that he may not be all he was cracked up to be: A scientist who will save mankind from the Zombiepocolypse with "The Cure",that can only come from Washington, whilst rockin a sweet, sweet mullet-it all may have been too good to be true in hindsight. So it is with a heavy heart that I recap this episode that I have titled "WHY?!?!?!?!!? WHY!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?". My heart is broken. My dreams are shattered. But I cannot allow that to stop this blog from commencing so here you go- all 5 of you. #Selfless.

Maggie, Glenn and crew are riding in a bus on their way to Washington. Rosita and Abraham are having a VERY disturbing conversation about her shaving him and him being "dolphin smooth" (add that to the list of things I never, ever needed to hear. Ever). Glenn asks the question that we ALL have dying to ask Eugene: "Why the mullet??" Eugene tells him that a famous author/colleague liked it and that was good enough for him. All of a sudden the bus crashes and tips over-Abraham begins to have flashbacks to his life when the zombiepocolypse happened-and it wasn't pretty. He had beaten a man (and possibly two others) brutally to death in an abandoned grocery store. His wife and two children,who are hiding under cabinets, witnessed the brutality. They are visibly shaking and terrified-and malnourished. (It was only on The Talking Dead that we discovered that the men he beat to death were trusted freinds and neighbors who had raped his family-and his family then witnessed his rage and vengeance). I wish they made that clear in the show as it was pretty confusing. We thought that maybe Abe had beat them and that's why they were so terrified? But in the end, his family ends up becoming zombie meat and that's when Eugene find Abraham-as he was about to take his own life. Eugene was running (if you can call it that) from zombies and begged Abraham to help him. Abraham takes the gun out of his mouth and helps Eugene. And thus begins his mission of being dead set on finding "The Cure". He saves Eugene life from zombies and Eugene in turn saved him by giving him a reason to live-to find "The Cure" and to get Eugene to Washington safely.

They find an abandoned library and rest there. Well, some rest. Abe and Rosita get it on and Eugene watches. Again, things I never needed to see. Ever. Tara approaches Eugene to thank him for helping her kill a zombie (his first kill!!) and he confesses to her that he watches Rosita and Abe knockin dem boots (this time it was from the self-help section in the library). Abe and Rosita know that he watches and they just don't care. Not awkward at all. Eugene then drops the first of a few major bombs this episode: that he caused the bus to crash by inserting crushed glass into the fuel tank. He didn't want to leave Rick and especially did not want to leave Father Gabe. He saw them all forgive what many would consider unforgivable and he wanted to stay there.  Tara is pretty chill about this revelation to be honest. She thanked him for trusting her with the secret and assured him that they all have each other's backs. They're family. She told him not to tell the others though and he agreed to that. So then after killing a bunch of zombies with a fire hose on top of a fire truck (pretty awesome, have to say!!!) Eugene has grown confidence and has some trust that the gang will support him no matter what. When the firetruck they salvage breaks down on the road, Abraham is hell bent to keep going-even if it means going through an entire herd of zombies. Glenn and Rosita can no longer back up Abraham as he has done lost his mind-and that's when Eugene drops the biggest bomb of them all: He is NOT a scientist, he does NOT have a cure, and a famous author/colleague did NOT say that his "tennessee tophat" was remarkable. Abraham explodes-his entire life's mission is now obsolete and he now has nothing to live for. All those people (who Eugene rattled off in order of deaths) died for this mission that was all a lie. Abraham cannot contain himself and beats Eugene within an inch of his life. When the rest of the gang stops him he goes off to collapse and cry. His resolve, his hope, his only life's mission is over. And with that, we are left to wonder if Eugene IS in fact alive and if he does live, what will happen to him???? They are a forgiving bunch but this may be too much to forgive. Too many people died all to get Eugene to Washington. I, for one, feel hurt, betrayed and deceived. He has a LOT of making up to do. It looks like next week will be a Darryl/Carol-centric episode so we may have to wait to find out Eugene's fate. As for me, I will now go back to bed, under the covers and grieve for my loss the way a mature woman does-with Ben and Jerry's, the movie "The Notebook" and lots of tissues. Le sigh. =(


  1. Kelly I didn't watch the episode last night! Spoiler alert!!!!

    1. Bahahahahahaha noooo!!! I'm sorry Donde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crap, my bad yo. I will buy you a froyo this week to make it up?????

  2. Haha Fro yo makes EVERYTHING better!