Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catching up on The Walking Dead finally!

It's been a very busy few weeks for Pop Culture Kelly as my son is in football playoffs (#proudmama #GO THAWKS!!!!) and I had yet another birthday pass (#grateful). So as much as I've been dying to blog about the return of The Walking Dead it's just been impossible. Until now!! So let's do this, shall we???

I'm going to try to summarize the past two episodes as well and short as I can. Carol, as if there was any doubt after taking out Lizzie, is officially bad ass status. She single-handedly saved Rick, Darryl and crew from certain death and cannibalism (FINALLY confirmed that Terminus is human slaughter house!!). Carol and Rick made peace, Darryl nearly collapsed with relief at seeing Carol and their hug was just everything. Sigh. The love they have for each other is deep-Carol is Darryl's girl. End of story. Rich and Carol made peace and then Carol lead Rick and crew to the cabin to reunite with Tyrese and Judith. Rick and Carl seeing that Judith was alive and well was pretty special too. I had tears, not gonna lie. They left Terminus with Gareth and the rest of his Cannibals alive, sadly. Which will come back to haunt them. Like in episode 2. 

Bob and Sasha are lovey dovey and happy-#foreshadowing. Tyrese is happy that his sad sack, little-bit bitter sister found some lovin in the zombiepocolypse.  It's actually really cute-like Maggie/Glenn cute. They are in the woods heading to find shelter when they hear screams begging for help. Rick almost ignores this as Carl reminds him that they help people-that's who they are. So they go help a man in the cloth who is this-close to being devoured by zombies. They save him and he is introduced as Father Gabriel. Rick immediately doesn't trust him but pretty much makes him take them all back to his church for some rest and food. Father G has some secrets but he ain't confessin to anyone but the man upstairs. Rick is ok with that as long as he doesn't try to hurt his peeps. Rick makes Father take him, Bob, and Sasha to a food bank where Father knows there is food but it is overrun by zombies. Not only is it overrun but it's flooded with some seriously nasty water and SERIOUSLY nasty, moldy zombies (bleeeeeeech). Bob has the best line of the night when he says: "If a sewer could puke, this is what it would smell like". Yes, it's that bad. So they fend off the zombies and we think they're in the clear when Bob is taken under by a zombie. He emerges from the water seemingly unscathed but I have a feeling he was bit. Keep that in mind. Father Gabriel sees a zombie that he recognizes and he is not only scared of the zombie but scared of something that the zombie represents. It turns out he knew her well when at the end of the episode he is looking at a picture of them together. How well did he know her though? And why is he the only one out of his parish alive?????

Carol, though accepted and welcomed back to the group, still seems awkward and out of place. As the rest of the crew is now back from the sewer hell called the food bank and they are all eating and drinking happily, Carol removes herself and goes back to a car they had passed. Darryl followed her knowing that something was off with his girl. They are talking when a random car speeds past them-it's the car that took Beth!! They jump into the car and follow after it. MAYBE we will get an answer to where Beth is?!?!?!!?

Poor Bob is feeling overwhelmed so he goes outside of the church as well. He begins to cry and have a breakdown of sorts which leads me to believe that he was, in fact, bit and has to say goodbye to his beloved Sasha. That's when out of nowhere Bob is knocked out and abducted-the next scene is Bob waking up to Gareth. Gareth is talking about revenge and such-and that's when we see it: the most horrific thing since Lizzie looking at the flowers. Bob, our sweet, optimistic, happy go lucky Bob is the cannibals first victim. He is tied to a tree and sees that one of his legs has been removed-and Gareth and his friends are eating it. It's the most disturbing, disgusting thing that has ever happened on this show-which says a lot!

So far, the first two episodes have been nothing short of amazing. Our core group is back together (minus Beth and Bob), relationships are being deepened, tested (I feel an Abraham-Rick power struggle may happen in the future) and it's redeemed Carl a bit too. He's been surprisingly zen-ish and moral so far. And not so hot headed to his dad-which has been nice. This could be the best season thus far. I know I am counting down til Sunday!!! Oh, and on Sunday is my son's second playoff game which will determine if they go to the Super Bowl. So GO T-HAWKS TOO!!!! #47. 

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