Friday, September 19, 2014

Kanye-has a bigger Asshat existed?

Kanye West has made a career by showcasing his humongous ego that tends to overshadow what a decent rapper he is. It's a shame really. For someone who actually has a modicum of talent, it's a waste. It's a waste how he's chosen to be, to live, to marry and now how to behave in a manner so disgusting that I have a hard time writing about it. But I will. Because it's my duty to report on all kinds of this nonsense and my one loyal reader has a right to hear this from the view of Pop Culture Kelly!

It all began with a concert in Australia last weekend. Asshat West (how he will be referred to from here on in) commanded everyone in the audience to stand and dance while he performed. He noticed that two people were not standing. As anyone with an ego that size would assume, it was all about him. He felt that these two people were killin his vibe by not dancing so what else could he and his enormous ego do??? Call them out on it of course! I mean, just because they were sitting in the special handicapped seating area allotted for people who like to go to concerts but are PHYSICALLY UNABLE to stand, and the fact that they were the only two who's seats had giant wheels, who the hell did they think they were??? They were attending a concert by a man who compares himself to Jesus-actually nicknamed himself Yeezus. Of course they should do what medicine, science and physics cause them to physically be unable to do-Yeezus said so!!! If that's not bad enough, in a piss poor attempt to redeem himself via what SHOULD have been positive P.R, Asshat agreed to play basketball against children who are handicapped and in wheelchairs. What could go wrong?!?!?!? (Full article here: Well. First of all, Asshat wouldn't play the kids using a wheelchair (as he initially promised), he would play them "normal". And he had all his crew that were with him play "normal" as well. Against handicapped children in wheelchairs. Yeah. Asshat then made it a million times worse by going all in on the kids and defeating them by 106 points. Because, why not??? He's "normal". Why should he, Yeezus himself, take it easy on handicapped children??? They should be "normal" like he is! To invade his space with things like physical disabilities is just wrong. It's wrong of those two people who paid good money to see a shitty show and it's wrong of these amazing, heroic children to dare be in his world with their "un-normal" issues. Pfffffffffffffffffffft. Poor Asshat and all he has to deal with! Hopefully he dries his tears with crisp hundred dollar bills and retreats to his million dollar lair to escape these kinds of people.

At this point, I think the only way he can redeem himself is by single handily taking ISIS down. And even that might not do it. I generally don't hate celebrities (unless it's Gwyneth Paltrow whom I loathe) but I can honestly say, 110%, that I hate him. I hate him for how he must have made those concert goers feel, how he must have made those kids feel, how he married into the most shallow family on the planet who will do nothing but kiss his stupid ass and enlarge that already out of control ego and not tell him what a disgusting "human" being he is...and I hate how he isn't really being held responsible for this. As my friend Donde suggested, all celebrities should rally together and push him, his stupid wife and her horrendous family out of Hollywood forever. To me, the lack of remorse is unforgivable. If celebrities won't take the lead, Donde and I have plane tickets bought to get this thing started. Let's do this one and all! Let's not buy or watch a West/Kardashian-related thing until they are out of our faces forever. Please! We can do this!!!!!!!!!!! With one common goal we can achieve anything...think of an Asshat/Kartrashian free existence. It can happen if we all work together!


  1. Haha haha Kelly this is awesome! Btw I'm totally a faithful reader! Next stop California!

  2. Hahahahaha thanks Donde! This is all you kid!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention-hope Hollywood is ready for us!!!