Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clooney steps out of the shallow pool-and it's a good look for him!

This past weekend, perennial bachelor George Clooney got married. It saddened and shocked many of his fans...and I can't understand why. He's been through a string of women, had never gotten close to marriage (since his divorce a LONG time ago) so maybe that's why people thought he would never marry again? I don't know. I find it more shocking that it has taken this long. Look, we all have a shelf life here. Even Mr. Clooney. At the end of the day, aside from the money and fame, he's a older man who probably realized (finally!) that he is not getting any younger and that if he wants to have a hope of settling down with someone who isn't only after his money and could carry a thoughtful conversation, this was his last shot. His history of women has been mostly arm candy that had been mutually beneficial and worked for both parties-they get notoriety and fame, he gets the candy. Win/Win. And as with most men, the arm candy aspect plays a big part. But sadly for most men (and Clooney), the arm candy comes with high maintenance standards that tends to become too much and they eventually part ways-perhaps drained in funds a bit, maybe even a little bitter. It ends as it has to because shallow can only last so long.  But this woman whom he married, Amal Alamuddin, has an established career as a human rights lawyer, is seemingly very smart and doesn't need his cash or fame. (And, to be a little cynical, Pop Culture Kelly also believes that old George mayhaps be dipping a toe soon into the political world. So instead of having arm candy as a wife, it looks much better to have a lawyer who has her sh*t together as a partner. Again, Win/Win). However you want to slice it, it seems like a decent match. George has spent many years basking in the shallow life so hopefully he enjoys the depth of having a partner who is independent and has her own career and her own thoughts. It will hopefully be a welcome change for old George. Pop Culture Kelly wishes them nothing but health, happiness and at least 5 years before the divorce rumors begin.


  1. George Clooney was def super hot I'm his prime though, def still a good looking man! If I were him I certainly would've eh hem ate through all the candy before choosing one bar to be faithful to :)

  2. I agree Donde, he was super hot in his prime and is still a great looking man. Hahahahaha I hear ya nut at the same time (and this may be another blog, who knows) it's such a doube standard. When men age they are "distinguished". When women age we need plastic surgery. It burns my biscuits Donde!!! lol. Anywhoodle, he is still a good looking man and who's to say that I wouldn't have done the same thing...good for him???