Friday, August 8, 2014

True Blood is getting back to good...with only a few episodes left t =(

The last recap I put up about True Blood, I was complaining about the lack of soul that the show used to be about. Welp peoples, color Pop Culture Kelly surprised because it's as if the writers listened and we're back on True Blood track! Plots are moving forward without complete character destruction, there is the trademark Eric and Pam humor (thankfully!!) and the redemption of poor, sick, put upon Bill. Sookie is still Sookie, though she at least did mourn Alcide for an episode, so that was nice. But other characters that  have been tossed aside like Arlene, Holly, Ginger, Hoyt, and Lafayette are getting to be front and center which is great because it's characters like these are what made True Blood so unique. They are true, southern, down home folk who happen to have vampires and werewolves as neighbors and are trying to deal with that reality. It's a lot to deal with yo.

I'm going to sum up the past two episodes for my Kim who has missed them. They won't be lengthy and specific but it should catch you up so we can get back to normal and watch together again! #missed you.

Lafayette threw a party the day after Alcide's death. Alcide's father and step mother were involved, as was the entire town. It would be a "Celebration of life" party, the way Alcide would have wanted it. A reluctant Sookie decided to just go with it as she really had little choice. At the party, Bill arrived with flowers and a ton of boring, sepia colored flashbacks. Basically he was a good man who wants to go back to being that. #redemption.  Arlene, little miss "no-vamp, now way" has been having feelings for a very HOT vampire Keith. And he has taken a liking to her as well. She has a VERY hot and heavy dream about him but she knows that cannot be a reality. The sweetest part of the show was when he and Arlene were together at the bar and they were the only two there. Arlene told him that as much as she wants him, she's infected with Hep V and they can't be together that way. He looked at her and said "That's ok. We'll just dance instead". She put her head on his shoulder and it was just the sweetest thing. Arlene truly deserves happiness. Sookie did grieve that night, but now her grief has turned into helping Bill as he is getting sicker from the Hep V. Sookie and Bill hook up again (#shocker).

Sam is still trying to decide whether or not to leave town as per Nicole's ultimatum. That's been his storyline. So....yeah. Poor Sam.

Hoyt is in town to bury his dead mother. He has no memory of Jason but Jason is eyeing Hoyt's very attractive girlfriend that he brought to town with him. Jason cannot help being Jason! Jessica is trying to track down Holly's son and Andy's daughter Adeline. They are the Cersei and Jamie of True Blood (not really but will be step-siblings soon!). They are trapped in a Fifty Shades of Grey nightmare hosted by Jason's now ex-girlfriend Violet. You see, Violet is a bit...territorial. And she doesn't take kindly to her man sleeping with other girls-or vampires. Named Jessica. So Violet is now on a mission to destroy Jessica and she is starting with someone she knows is very connected to Jess-Adeline. This will not end well. At all.

Eric and Pam are on a mission to kill Sarah Newlin. Eric ALMOST does it-twice-but gets thwarted by those pesky Japanese peeps. Eric and Pam meet Sarah's sister, who is a Hep V infected vamp. It turns out Sarah is the cure for Hep V! She drank it whilst fleeing from the Hep V factory and can now save all Hep V infected vamps. It's what keeps her sister from killing her, though her sister ended up getting killed by Eric anyway. Eric, Pam and the Japanese men have Sarah in their sights...we find out this Sunday if they let her live and heal the infected or kill her dead. #True dead.

I think that about sums it up! Kim, we have to watch the rest of the episodes and finish this series out. I'm going to be sad when it's that it's getting back to good!

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