Friday, August 1, 2014

The featherweight battle of the stars...

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. Didn't think you'd ever read about these two being together, never mind having a fight, right??? Me either! But it happened. In Ibiza Spain (of course). I've got all the info from super secret spies...ok, just reading tabloids but whatevs. So here's the back-story as this has been heating up for quite a while now:

A few years back, Justin was rumored to have had an affair with Orlando's then wife Miranda Kerr. They were spotted canoodling at a Victoria's Secret runway show. A few months later, Orlando and Miranda announced their divorce. To add to this little triangle, a few months back Orlando was spotted with Justin's ex Selena Gomez, with whom Justin is very much on and off with. To say there is bad blood there is probably an understatement. They were bound to run into each other somewhere, and this somewhere happened to be in Spain. Because, why not. So apparently what happened is that the two parties were dining separately at Cipriani's. As they were leaving, Justin said something rude about Miranda (I'm guessing it was along the lines of "I had her and what?!?!?") and Orlando went to punch him. Justin ducked and that's when Justin's security team got involved and broke up the fight. So there wasn't any actual contact but's enough to cause this blog! Look, I'm not a fan of Justin but he's a punk kid who has waaaaaaaaay too much money and time on his hands. Someone needs to put him in check, like a parent or a rehab counselor. As a human girl, I like Orlando (hello Will Turner!) but I feel that he could have just walked away and not gotten dragged in to Justin's drama. But alas, he did. Miranda is said to be "embarrassed" by the whole fight, but what she SHOULD be embarrassed about is cheating on Legolas with a child. Just sayin.

I will keep you all posted as this situation develops. I hope it doesn't go the way of the Beyonce/Jay-Z/Salonge drama and just fizzle...because that's just boring. Happy Friday y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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