Thursday, August 28, 2014

Brad and Angelina-they just rule

Something major happened FIVE days ago in Pop Culture (which is like five years in real, less dramatic time)-Brangelina got married. Secretly!!!!! Not one leak, not one word, not one clue. For five days. They are the biggest super couple on the planet and they managed to get married in secret. How crazy is that???? THEY are the ones who announced it. On their terms. Which is why they are the super stars that they are-they are two of the very few who are able to control their press. They give us drops when THEY want to. They let us know things when THEY want to. They have a circle so tight that they can be married for almost a week and not one of their people would leak it. It's pretty phenomenal, especially in this day and age. I know I'm probably in the minority but I've always like Le Jolie. I never really got the whole Jennifer Aniston/America's sweetheart thing. So when Brad got with Angelina, I felt like they were pretty well matched. Both are humanitarians, both clearly love children and they both are so physically perfect in polar opposite ways that they just made sense to me. He's blonde, warm, fun-she's cool, got street cred and intense. To me, they balance each other out well. I am all for this union and I applaud/deeply respect how they went about getting married on the down low, on their own terms. Pop Culture Kelly approves of this marriage (they asked, they care!) and I wish them nothing but further success and happiness in the future. And more gorgeous babies if they so choose- because that is one freakin good looking family!!!

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