Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Blogging for Alcide (thanks for the title Steph!)...True Blood venting

So we are three episodes in to "True Blood" and a LOT has happened. I know this is the final season, and I really want to like it as I have watched from the beginning and read all the books from start to finish. But they aren't making it easy. I feel like they are going "Game of Thrones" and killing off anyone and everyone, which isn't really true to the series nor the books. When someone died on True Blood, there was mourning. There was time to process. There was respect to the character. Tara died within the first 10 seconds of the premiere and the only one mourning her in any real way is her abusive mom her made her life hell. Because that's fair. Not her best friend, cousin, not her maker in any real way...nope. The woman who made her life hell. Awesome.  So then the next big death comes in the form of Alcide. MY Alcide. Alcide who was not only a wolf but a sweet and sensitive soul. And handsome. And sensitive. And  sweet and handsome. Sigh. It's hard to blog about so bear with me. One of my best friends Stephanie and I were talking about this and we both agree that we are the only ones mourning him. Sookie has this God-awful pseudo-hero complex going on where she feels the need to "help" Bon Temps because she is the one that gets everyone killed. Well, DUUUUH!!!  So the common denominator is in all the deaths in all of Bon Temps is Sookie...then GO! Leave!! All these people die because of you and stick around so MORE can die??? Makes no sense. They've completely ruined the Sookie character. She used to be so likeable, so strong and southern. Now she's just the eye of a storm, selfish and can't see that maybe changing up some patterns would in fact save people's lives. Novel idea, no??? So, in a nut shell, MY Alcide died to protect her selfish ass. The episodes DO seem to be getting better though. This past Sunday felt a little more true to the show because we had Pam and Eric's epic flashback on how Fangtasia came about. The fact that it used to be a video store and Pam taking Fangtasia's idea directly from poor Ginger was perfect and so very Pam. Terry coming back to Arlene while she lay dying was just the sweetest thing...it brought a tear, not going to lie. Terry is very missed. And seeing Arlene's kids and Sookie FINALLY going to see them was long overdue. Stephanie doesn't agree with me, but I still heart Bill. I like the fact that he is on a mission to redeem himself, how they flash back to pre-vamp Bill and he was a good man and good father. Those qualities stuck with him and I'm glad he's going back to that. Jessica having such regret for killing those fairies is something I am liking too but we knew them for like 5 seconds. Someone mourning Tara and Alcide like that would be nice!  And everyone working together, including Pam and Eric, was really good to see too. All the core characters coming together is always a good thing. I just hope the rest of the season goes the way of this past episode. I really want it to end well and end TRUE. It's not called "Fake Blood", it's called TRUE BLOOD. Let's keep it true, shall we????

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