Friday, June 6, 2014

Game of Thrones....The Mountain vs The Red Viper vs The Shocked Viewers Game Of Thrones happened last night. I honestly don't even know how to start this as I my mouth is still gaped open and though I shielded my eyes, I cannot un-see what I know happened. HOLY CRAP. A lot of stuff happened and I will do my best to make sense out of it.

The episode begins with Ygritte and friends invading the brothel where Gilly and the baby are suppose to be "safe" (Oh simple Sam). Ygritte hears the baby, finds Gilly terrified and holding him, and allows them to live. Yiggy has gone soft yo. News travels back to the wall that the brothel was invaded and Sam is beside himself. His boys try to console him, telling him that Gilly fought a white walker-she's a tough chick. They try to strategize how they will win when the inevitable wall battle comes to their door. They don't know what they'll do.

Khaleesi's crew is all bathing, men on one side of the water, women on the other. Grey Worm spies Missandei in all her nude splendor and he likes what he sees. There's a love connection happening here and it's stinkin cute! Khaleesi is just like us y'all and she all girlfriendy is doing Massendei's hair. They discuss boys as we girls always do when doing hair and Khaleesi wonders if "the pillar and stones" were removed when the unsullied were castrated. LOL. Poor Missandei doesn't really know what that means, and though she isn't comfortable with nudity, she knows a good man when she sees one-pillarless or not! Gery Worm goes to her later and apologizes for making her uncomfortable. She says she wasn't. She apologizes for him being castrated and suffering through that horror-he says "don't be sorry". She looked surprised and said "Why? No-one should have to endure that". He says "Then I wouldn't have met you". Awwwwwwe! They really are sweet. Grey Worm got some game-unsullied or not!

Speaking of castration, poor Theon continues to be tortured. He is "playing" himself, though he is Reek now. I never, ever thought I would feel so badly for this character but I really do. He is so badly beaten down that he cannot even convince the new sick guy in charge at Moat Cailin that he actually is Theon Greyjoy. It's sad. What's sadder yet is, after sickman gets axed to the head by not listening to Theon and giving the people hope at going home, Ramsay FLAYS and kills all the people Theon just gave hope to. And Theon cannot care. He just wants to "go home". With Moat Cailin being conquered by Ramsay, daddy dearest rewards Ramsay with his last name. Awesome.

Arya and The Hound FINALLY make it to Lysa's and it is at the gates they are informed that Lysa is dead. Arya starts hysterically laughing! I mean, what else can she do at that point? So it looks like we have more of The Hound/Arya show and I, for one, am happy about that. LOVE those two together!

Littlefinger is now on trial for the murder of Lysa. They call Sansa in as a witness and Littlefinger is scuuured. But Sansa totally goes for an Oscar nominee and gives the performance of her life. She states that Lysa was sick (truth) and jealous of her, that she thought Sansa and Littlefinger were having an affair and that she killed herself. She paints Littlefinger as her hero and he is IMPRESSED. Sansa goes to her room looking like an innocent victim and comes out looking like Darth Sansa! She's all in black, hair darker and she's all vampy. Our little Sansa isn't so little anymore!

Now to what we've all been waiting for: The battle for Tyrion's life. Red Viper is all pumped up and states "I do not die today". Tyrion warns him to wear a helmet, but Prince O feels that it will ruin his championship coif. The match begins and Prince O took a page from The Princess Bride (my fave movie ever so I LOVED this!!) went all Inigo Montoya and repeated over and over "You raped and killed my sister. You killed her children. Prepare to die!" Ok, not the last part but it's all that was missing. They go around in circles, Prince O showboating his truly amazing swordsman skills and acrobatics. It really was an epic showdown. And then Prince O bests The Mountain and has him on the ground. He screams over him "ADMIT IT! Admit you raped and killed my sister and killed her children!!!" It's that moment that The Mountain gains control, gets Prince O on his back and admits it. Then he proceeds to GAUGE HIS EYES OUT and CRUSH HIS SKULL! Literally!!!! After killing Prince O, The Mountain collapses next to him and Tywin announces that Tyrion will be sent to death. Tyrion went from ecstatic to utterly defeated in one fell swoop. It was AWFUL.

It's almost a week later and I'm still not over this. It was one of the best episodes to date-and it was only episode 8! Usually it's episode 9 that has us all aflutter. I'm nervous for this coming Sunday because, it will be episode 9. Gods help us all!!!

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  1. I just finished watching this episode and honestly, I was not shocked that the Mountain won. I was shocked at how the Prince died (I really liked him). At this point, I have pretty much accepted that when there is a glimmer of hope for our heroes, George R.R. Martin with dash them.