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Game of Thrones Finale: Thanks to Tyrion the "throne" has new meaning...

So the finale happened =( It had it's share of "holy crap!!!" moments to be sure, but it lacked a certain "finale-ish" quality. I don't know. Maybe I was still processing how Tyrion actually had the cajones to kill his father whilst on the toilet? Could be. But it was a really good episode with lots that happened, so let's get into it!

We see Jon Snow again (thankfully!) very much alive and going to meet with Mance. Mance agrees to meet with him and they sit down for a very civil discussion. Jon states that he's there because he wants to end this war, Mance tells him that he knows the Watchers are down to about 50 men and will never beat them. All he wants is the safety of the wall for himself and his men as he knows winter is coming and they will never survive the White Walkers out there. They need the protection of the wall. Jon knows his men will never go for it, but then they drink to Ygritte with real alcohol instead of wine (which poor Jon is not used to!) and are disrupted by shouting. Mance asks if Jon set him up and Jon says no. He's just as surprised as Mance is. They go out to see what is going on and its an army-STANNIS BARATHEON'S ARMY! HOLY CRAP!! Did not see that one coming! Stannis and Mance have a "who's is bigger" type showdown with Stannis insisting he's the King and Mance insisting he has no King-and that he's not exactly dressed for the weather. LOL.  Mance says a few times he will never kneel-and he ain't lyin. He doesn't. Jon introduces himself to Stannis as Ned Stark's son and you can't really tell if Stannis believes him or not. Stannis asks Jon what Ned would do. Jon tells him that since Mance had him as a hostage and did not mistreat him, Ned would do the same. They take Mance, and Jon heads back to the wall where the men are burning all of the bodies. Through the flames Jon sees Melisandre...oh 7 hells. That's never good. He then takes Ygrittes body to burn it-and I don't think she ever looked that pretty. Death really becomes her. Jon walks away from the burning body in tears. Jon has become the leader he was meant to be...but I have a feeling his tests are only beginning.

So remember with Prince Oberyn we had a bit of a Princess Bride thing going on? Well it happened again-the Mountain is only MOSTLY dead it seems! Cersei is having some warlock-lookin "doctor" get The Mountain mostly alive. She is warned that he could be "changed"-she doesn't care. She just wants her protection back. So where else does she go? To go see daddy. She tells Tywin she will never marry Loras and that if he tries to force her to, she will expose their family. He genuinely doesn't know what she could expose them about. She cannot believe that her father doesn't know but then she realizes how he couldn't know-he was too busy idealizing his dream of a dynasty to actually see his children for what they were. And it's then she drops the bomb-her children are Jamie's and NOT the rightful Kings. For the first time in all 4 seasons (and probably ever), we see Tywin like we never have before: he's shaken. He doesn't believe it."Your legacy is a lie" Cersei spews before running off to Jamie. She declares that she's in love with him, that she's choosing him and that she told their father. Jamie looks scared but then Cersei kisses him and all his fear goes away. Ewwwe.

Dany is sitting on her throne seeing all the city folk that have issues that she created freeing the slaves-which turns out to be a lot. An elderly gentleman tells her that he had it made with his master and she effed up his good life! Dany seems baffled that all her good work is not working out. She allows the man to sell himself back to his master. Another man comes in with the charred remains of his three year old daughter-all thanks to that rascal dragon Drogo who has gone missing. Dany goes to the two dragons that are still somewhat behaved and chains them up. They cry and so does she. She's devastated to do this as she is the breaker of chains, but dragons will be dragons and she cannot have them burning up innocent children.I hope they develop Dany more next season. I feel like a lot of time was wasted with her.

We see Bran and company still looking for that tree. They FINALLY freakin find it-and it's all Bran thought it would be and more. They walk towards it when suddenly Jojen is grabbed at his feet and pulled by a skeleton. This is what happens to un-burned bodies here! Hodor goes to help him but is overcome by fear-Bran does his "eyes in the back of his head thing", takes over Hodor and fights off the skeletons. One skeleton gets Jojen and stabs him over and over. His sister sees this and runs to his side. Jojen tells her to run but she won't-until what appears to be a child tells them to run to her. His sister mercifully kills Jojen and the child throws fireballs at the skeletons to kill them and-throws one at Jojen so that he won't turn. They run into the tree and the child leads them down a cave of tree roots. Hodor puts Bran down and Bran crawls towards the person sitting in the middle of a bunch of roots-it's the "three-eyed raven" Bran would see in visions. He informs them that Jojen knew of his death and brought them all there anyway. He tells Bran that he will never walk again-but that he WILL fly. Dayyyum!

Next up we see Brienne waking up pissed at Pod because he lost the horses. #lovethem. Brienne then sees Arya doing her sword practice. Arya is mesmerized by the statuesque woman in armor. Arya asks her how she became a knight and Brienne basically tells her that she's not a knight but can fight like one! Her father only trained her when she wouldn't quit fighting-and losing-to the boys. Arya looks empowered by this. The Hound comes over and breaks up girl time. He stumbles over and Brienne gives him the most kick ass greeting that I will be using from here on in: "Seven blessings to you sir"  I LOVE HER! The Hound has no time for pleasantry's and demands to know who she is. Pod recognizes the Hound and tells Brienne who he is. Brienne then realizes that the girl is Arya and apologizes to her for not keeping her mother safe. She tells Arya she made a vow to her mother that she would find Arya and bring her to safety. The Hound scoffs and says " Her Aunt's dead. Her mother's dead. Her father's dead. Her brother's are dead. She HAS no safety." #truth. The Hound has a point but Brienne will keep her word.  Sensing what was coming, Arya runs and Pod runs after her. Hound and Brienne begin to fight (the scenery was AMAZING. I think they filmed it in Ireland and it was gorgeous. I had to watch again when I could ignore the ensuing fight to really take in the beauty but it was stunning) and the fight  was soooo good but sooo bad since I didn't want either one of them to die. At first it was a skillful sword fight that turned into a ghetto "I'm gonna bite your ear off Hound" kind of fight!!! She ripped his ear off like it was a piece of steak, Hound kicked Brienne so hard in her lady parts that she almost spit out her womb...it was nasty. But Brienne got the upper hand and sent Hound spiraling over the cliff. She started screaming "ARYA!!!! ARYA!!!" and finds Pod who had lost her. Poor Pod probably got his butt handed to him but we won't find out until next season =( Arya comes upon the Hound who looks mostly dead as well. She asks him if he's dying and he says he is. He tells her to go with Brienne because she won't last a day alone. Arya says no, she won't go with her. Hound can see her resolve and says sadly "Ok. Remember where the heart is". Awwe. He really does care for her. He begs Arya to kill him, to cross his name off her list but she just stares at him. She goes over to him, takes his money and leaves without a word. Hound screams for her to just kill him but she's already gone. The Hound taught her well. It was a sad end to their relationship though. Arya has become hardened and bitter, and The Hound grew softer because of her.

FINALLY we see Tyrion!! He's still alive, awaiting his death sentence the following day. Jamie opens the door and tells his brother that he does in fact have friends and they are breaking him out. Varys helped Jamie get him out and he's waiting for Tyrion upstairs. Since this is probably the last time they will see each other, Jamie and Tyrion share a heartfelt, wordless hug. Their love for each other is deep and they don't need to say it. Tyrion goes but not to Varys-he goes to find Tywin. I think he went to find Tywin because he needed that last bit of validation, of closure. But what he got instead was a naked Shae waiting for her "Lion" Tywin. Tyrion's betrayal overcomes him and he attacks Shae. She fights back but when he manages to grab her necklace, he pulls it tight and chokes the life out of her. When he snaps out of his rage, he whispers "I'm sorry" and gets up. He grabs a crossbow and goes to find Tywin. And he does find him...while on the actual throne-the toilet. Tyrion is broken and confronts his father about how he knew that he always hated him, always wanted him dead. Twyin admits it but wants to talk somewhere that isn't the toilet. Tyrion isn't having a change of scenery just to appease Tywin and speaks of the betrayal with Tyrion's only love Shae. Tywin flippantly asks "Who, the whore?"  Tyrion warns him not to call her that again-and of course he does. Tyrion shoots him! Stunned, Tywin falls back but I don't believe he thinks Tyrion will actually kill him. Tywin says "You're no son of mine". That's when Tyrion digs deep and says "Oh I am YOUR son. I have always been YOUR son" and shoots the crossbow again, right into Tywin's heart. Tyrion then goes to Varys, who immediatly knows something is wrong. "What did you do???" Varys asks. Tyrion says nothing. Varys helps him into the crate with breathing holes and the crate gets loaded on a boat. Bells begin to sound as Varys walks to return to the castle. He looks back at the crate, thinks better of it and goes and sits next to it. I smell a Varys/Tyrion show next season!!

Arya found Brienne's horse and rides off into the sunset-kind of. She spots a fleet of ships and goes up to the Captain. She asks where they're going, says she will work and sleep on the floor. He tells her they're going to Braavos, which is no place for her. She finds her piece of iron that the creepy man from season 2 gave her and said the magic words he told her to use: "Valar Morghulis" which translates to: All men must die. That very much gets the Captain's attention, he promises her a cabin and off they sail toward Braavos, Arya all alone.

What a season!!! I would argue that this was the best one yet. If Peter Dinklage does not get an Emmy for his work as Tyrion, Valar Morghulis indeed!!!He has been nothing short of spectacular all season long. And this might be just me, but I hope the Hound lives. I hope he's only mostly dead too because the relationship he developed with Arya was redeeming him. The one and only flaw from this season that I can see is that Jamie raped Cersei and there was never any more mention of it. Rape is so commonplace on this show but to see Jamie do it unsettles me to this day. Otherwise, this will be a LONG ten months until it's return. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!!! I will be recapping "True Blood" now that Games is over =( Hope to see you all then!!! =)

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