Thursday, May 22, 2014

Game of Thrones Recap:But really it's just a Tyrion recap. He is EVERYTHING

So I am late again with the keeps getting in the way of my recapping! Basically, if you missed the last two episodes I feel really bad for you because you missed the most assured Emmy win for Peter Dinklage. Oh and some people died too. Let's dive in!

Last week Tyrion was on trial for the murder of his nephew. He didn't do it as we know, but his sister Cersei is gunning for him and wants to see him killed for her own vendetta. Key witnesses are called but the most damning-and the biggest betrayal-comes from Tyrion's love Shae. She testifies that as his "whore" she was privy to information regarding the "murder plot" between him and Sansa. It was so hard to watch because you could see Tyrion's heart breaking all over again. It first broke when he sent her away so that she would stay alive, and now seeing his only love betray him was almost unbearable for him-and Peter Dinklage portrayed him with absolute perfection. It was then he had to cut Shae off and announce that he would no longer tolerate being on trial for a crime he did not commit but the subtle context was that he could not watch Shae lie any longer and tear his heart apart. In one of the most equisite (yes I said equisite! There is no other word that justifies it) monologues I can recall, he announces that he did NOT kill his nephew but wished that he had. (To see it in all it's glory click here: He states he wants a trial by combat-basically that he would rather face certain death then to go on being subjected to the betrayal of his family and Shae. And this is where Peter Dinklage shines. You can SEE his heart breaking, the devastation in his eyes. It was phenomenal and sums up all that we love about this show and Tyrion.The writing is amazing but his performance was just brilliant. He has taken a character that could have been a one note joker and turned him into a complex character that we all love. Before Tyrion's outburst, Jamie had gone to his father to strike a deal to spare Tyrion's life: Jamie would be the "good" son and get married, settle down at Casterly Rock and Tywin would spare Tyrion's life but he would have to live at the Wall. Jame informs Tyrion of this deal but when Tyrion witnessed Shae's betrayal, he couldn't go along with that deal. Living at the Wall is no life and especially living on knowing what Shae did. Jamie understands but informs his brother he cannot be his champion. Cersei recruited "The Mountain" to be her champion and boy does he live up to his name! Jamie could not slay anyone left handed, and he knows that both he and Tyrion would surely die. Tyrion laughs and says that would solve their father's problem...and Jamie doesn't disagree. Tyrion understands that Jamie would do it if he could and that's all that matters to him in the end. Bronn visits next wearing a new iron suit. He looks snazzy and immediately Tyrion's guard goes up. Bronn had been his champion before-he assumed he would do it again. But Bronn informs him differently. He has struck up a deal where he will marry a woman who stands to inherit a castle. Can Tyrion do better? Nope. He cannot and he sees his champion for what he is: a man who looks out for himself. Then Bronn poses a question that not even Tyrion could argue with: "When was the last time you were going to give your life for me?". Tyrion knows that Bronn will not be swayed and he accepts it. They part with both Tyrion and Bronn looking genuinely sad that Tyrion will most certainly face death. We are then treated with a visit from Prince Oberyn. He tells Tyrion that as a judge he shouldn't be there but that after what happened, he couldn't help himself. He informs Tyrion that Cersei had visited him and tried to get Oberyn to see Tyrion as guilty. He then tells Tyrion that he first met him as a baby which surprises Tyrion. He tells the story that when he first met him, he was told of a monster baby, with a head too big, horns, the whole monsterous deal. So when Oberyn laid eyes on him he was dissapointed because he saw just a baby. A human baby just laying there. Cersei told him that this was a demon baby that killed her mother and she would torture poor baby Tyrion by squeezing his little penis until he screamed-and that it was Jamie that would make her stop. Tyrion tearfully takes in this information and it confirms that his sister's hatred of him stemmed from infancy. Oberyn hates the Lannisters, hates the Mountain and he proclaims that HE will be Tyrion's champion. He looks at Tyrion and knows that his family is in name only and aside from Jamie, he hates them as much as they hate him. So we have a new duo to look forward to and I CANNOT wait to see Oberyn slay The Mountain and I cannot wait for Cersei and Tywin's reaction when he does! And it makes me soooo happy that Tyrion has a new found champion because he deserves one.

Other things happened too: Creepy Littlefinger hit on Sansa and pushed Lysa out of her beloved moon door. That was pretty fantastic! Jon Snow was made victor at Caster's Creek but still can't get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T at the wall. Arya and The Hound, my other favorites, are still getting closer to Lysa's place and growing closer in the process. I truly love them together and it makes me sad that The Hound is the last name on her (literal) hit list.

We won't get to see a new episode this weekend as it's Memorial Day, and there are only 3 episodes left =(  This show just gets better and better!!!

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