Thursday, May 1, 2014

A-Z Challenge: Z is for Zombies

I'm a day late with my last blog in the challenge but hey, it's here! So the letter Z to me, is Zombies. My love of "The Walking Dead" is well known and I am obsessed with the show. The writing, the acting, everything is just perfection. My son (who is 8 and has never seen the show, but is 8 so he knows all about zombies) asks me about zombies all the time "Mama, do you think zombies are real? Do you think that zombies will ever attack us?" I say "No sweetie, of course not! There's nothing to be afraid of". BUT. That is just another Mom fib that we have to tell every now and then (like the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc). OF COURSE it could happen!! We could all have that strain of virus in us that when the Apocalypse happens, we could all turn into zombies. And then zombies would overtake us all and rule the could happen people! But, in the off chance it doesn't happen, "The Walking Dead" is still an amazing show that is either brilliantly foreshadowing our future or is just a great show that we watch to pass the time. Before the show, I never gave zombies a second thought. I was too concerned with the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, The Real Housewives of Mozambique...but then I happened upon this show and it changed my outlook on zombies completely. They were no longer just scary/cool special effects out of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video, they were something I actually gave some thought to. What WOULD happen in a zombiepocalypse??? What would we do? How would I protect my family and friends???? I would hope I would be all season 1 and 2 Rick Grimes and become a fearless leader who would do anything for to protect the ones I love. Or be like Michonne, all bad ass on the outside but be all sweet and soft on the inside. (Mental note: purchase kick ass sword. And a HUGE can of pudding. That is all). Or be wise and have faith like our sweet, beloved Herschel. RIP. We never know how we will react to a situation until it happens but I would hope I would be like my favorite characters and be the hero that all of us wish to be. Until then, I will keep my zombiepocalypse prep going (which includes-but is not limited to-watching the show and making mental notes. That's about it.) and work to become in real life every day what I aspire to be when it comes down to survival: a fearless leader with a big heart who will do anything for her family and friends. But with a kick ass sword. Definitely need the sword!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the A-Z challenge. I am sad that it's over but thank you for all the feedback that you gave during the month. It was a challenge indeed but an amazing one!!!! I am now inspired with more blog ideas and I hope that you continue this blogging journey with me after the challenge is done. THANK YOU all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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