Friday, May 30, 2014

Celebrities: Are you kidding me? Edition

So. We have two celebrities who, in the past two days, have said amazingly stupid things. My previous blog is about spreading kindness and I'm sticking to it, I swear. I am kindly, for their own sake, telling celebs to SHUT THE HELL UP! The two celebs who have uttered stupidity are Gwyneth "I can't speak without my pretentiousness oozing out of me" Paltrow and Charlize "I need to look up the definition of rape and realize it's not even close" Theron. Those close to me know of my utter distain for Gwyneth after she made a bunch of rude comments regarding single mothers years ago. She has not shut up in years and everything she says is so out of touch and ridiculous that it's almost funny. She decided to compare herself and her being cyber "bullied" as going through war saying: ""It's almost like how, in war, you go through this bloody, dehumanizing thing, and then something is defined out of it. ". Ummm...ok. There are other things she could have said like, but not limited to: "It hurts my feelings but I'm an adult so I can choose to NOT read comments about me". Or "it's mean spirited and I can choose to NOT read the comments". But no. Because she apparently she doesn't know how to NOT read the comments? Is she sleeping on cots in the dessert praying that she doesn't get shot by the enemy, watching her friends go through the same thing and reading mean comments about herself??? SERIOUSLY!?!?! Those people put their lives on the line EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of the day. What does she do? Give interviews with her opinions on how tough she has it compared to working mom's with "regular" jobs. I am going to kindly tell her to get her oversized head out of her string bean ass and shut her mouth for good. See that? That was kind compared to what I really want to say! #kindness.  Now Charlize saddened me as I actually like her. I think she's a good actress and she does a lot of activism/charity. But this comment kind of threw me: "“When you start living in that world, and doing that, that you start feeling, I guess, raped.” And when the interviewer pressed her, asking, “That strong?” she answered, “Well, when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe it’s just me. Some people might relish in all that stuff ,but there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I am very protective over them.” I get where she's coming from, I truly do. It must not be fun to out run the paparazzi with your child who did NOT choose that life. I get it. But to compare it to rape??? That's a little too far. I think all celebs should take a course in humility and interviewing from Angelina Jolie. Say whatever you want about her, but she was recently quoted as saying "Listen, it does get annoying sometimes but I know I live a privileged life. And I'm extremely grateful for it for myself and my children.  And in life, you have to take the good with the bad.” THAT is how to give an interview. That is how to come across humble, grateful and smart. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The lost art of kindness...a break from the Pop Culture nonsensicalness

I know this is a pop culture blog, but with Kimye getting married and my refusal to read/blog about it, I figured I would touch upon a subject that SHOULD have more relevance than it does-and that is kindness. My first act of kindness today is not blogging about that wedding (you're all welcome!). The subject of this here blog came out of the blue and truly sent my brilliant mind spinning. This past weekend I took a test  that I have spent MONTHS studying for. A few friends of mine took it with me and we all went out after to have a drink, decompress and compare how we think we did. Immediately I thought I did HORRIBLE. I lamented about it and the others had different reactions: they all felt fairly confident that they did well. My friend said something so profound, so kind and so genuine that it inspired this blog. He said "I wish you had confidence. You do the hardest job in the world every single day-you're a single mom raising an amazing kid. You work your ass off, you have a great family and great friends. You're so sweet and generous and have so much to offer-you have to know that. You should have confidence Kel." And though his words were tremendous and sweet, it was the manner to which he said them that struck me: so genuine and so KIND. So that made me think of others and how they react to kind words. I recently met a guy who is a single dad raising his 6 year old daughter. Her mother isn't around so it's him raising her alone. I said "Wow, it's rare that you meet a man who is willing to raise his child alone. It's amazing what you're doing" and he looked at me like I had 8 heads. He said "You're doing the same thing. It's what we do. What would we do otherwise?" He deflected that compliment so quick that I realized it's kind of what we do. We take a kind word and deflect it, maybe in an attempt to be humble,but we then take criticism and hurtful words and allow that to define us. I speak for myself when I say that I have taken the words and actions of people I have cared about that have NOT cared about me and bought into that a million times more than the kind words and actions of people that actually DO care about me day in and day out. I bought into it a hundred and ten percent. "Ok, so since I didn't react the way she thought I should react, I'm a bad friend". Or "Ok, he just up and stopped talking to me so I must be that forgettable and awful". When the truth is, the people that care are still around. They take me for who I am, overreactions, flaws and all. And I take them the exact same way. We can go a day or weeks without talking to each other but we never, EVER make each other feel like that one act of something we may not like ends an entire relationship. Because it doesn't. Not the real ones anyway. So if anyone needs an act of kindness, come this way. Even though my friend has no idea how much of an impact he made on me with what he said, I have made a promise to pay it forward to my family, friends and anyone that walks in my life which includes anyone reading this. It's time to be kind-to treat ourselves and the people around us with kindness. You have no idea what another person is battling and your kindness-whether it be genuine words or a genuine act of some sort-could truly make a huge difference in some one's life. So be nice, be genuinely kind-or at least try hard not to be mean. The world has such a shortage of kindness that your kindness WILL truly make a difference. Next blog we will resume pop culture nonsense, thank you for indulging me in this one! =)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Game of Thrones Recap:But really it's just a Tyrion recap. He is EVERYTHING

So I am late again with the keeps getting in the way of my recapping! Basically, if you missed the last two episodes I feel really bad for you because you missed the most assured Emmy win for Peter Dinklage. Oh and some people died too. Let's dive in!

Last week Tyrion was on trial for the murder of his nephew. He didn't do it as we know, but his sister Cersei is gunning for him and wants to see him killed for her own vendetta. Key witnesses are called but the most damning-and the biggest betrayal-comes from Tyrion's love Shae. She testifies that as his "whore" she was privy to information regarding the "murder plot" between him and Sansa. It was so hard to watch because you could see Tyrion's heart breaking all over again. It first broke when he sent her away so that she would stay alive, and now seeing his only love betray him was almost unbearable for him-and Peter Dinklage portrayed him with absolute perfection. It was then he had to cut Shae off and announce that he would no longer tolerate being on trial for a crime he did not commit but the subtle context was that he could not watch Shae lie any longer and tear his heart apart. In one of the most equisite (yes I said equisite! There is no other word that justifies it) monologues I can recall, he announces that he did NOT kill his nephew but wished that he had. (To see it in all it's glory click here: He states he wants a trial by combat-basically that he would rather face certain death then to go on being subjected to the betrayal of his family and Shae. And this is where Peter Dinklage shines. You can SEE his heart breaking, the devastation in his eyes. It was phenomenal and sums up all that we love about this show and Tyrion.The writing is amazing but his performance was just brilliant. He has taken a character that could have been a one note joker and turned him into a complex character that we all love. Before Tyrion's outburst, Jamie had gone to his father to strike a deal to spare Tyrion's life: Jamie would be the "good" son and get married, settle down at Casterly Rock and Tywin would spare Tyrion's life but he would have to live at the Wall. Jame informs Tyrion of this deal but when Tyrion witnessed Shae's betrayal, he couldn't go along with that deal. Living at the Wall is no life and especially living on knowing what Shae did. Jamie understands but informs his brother he cannot be his champion. Cersei recruited "The Mountain" to be her champion and boy does he live up to his name! Jamie could not slay anyone left handed, and he knows that both he and Tyrion would surely die. Tyrion laughs and says that would solve their father's problem...and Jamie doesn't disagree. Tyrion understands that Jamie would do it if he could and that's all that matters to him in the end. Bronn visits next wearing a new iron suit. He looks snazzy and immediately Tyrion's guard goes up. Bronn had been his champion before-he assumed he would do it again. But Bronn informs him differently. He has struck up a deal where he will marry a woman who stands to inherit a castle. Can Tyrion do better? Nope. He cannot and he sees his champion for what he is: a man who looks out for himself. Then Bronn poses a question that not even Tyrion could argue with: "When was the last time you were going to give your life for me?". Tyrion knows that Bronn will not be swayed and he accepts it. They part with both Tyrion and Bronn looking genuinely sad that Tyrion will most certainly face death. We are then treated with a visit from Prince Oberyn. He tells Tyrion that as a judge he shouldn't be there but that after what happened, he couldn't help himself. He informs Tyrion that Cersei had visited him and tried to get Oberyn to see Tyrion as guilty. He then tells Tyrion that he first met him as a baby which surprises Tyrion. He tells the story that when he first met him, he was told of a monster baby, with a head too big, horns, the whole monsterous deal. So when Oberyn laid eyes on him he was dissapointed because he saw just a baby. A human baby just laying there. Cersei told him that this was a demon baby that killed her mother and she would torture poor baby Tyrion by squeezing his little penis until he screamed-and that it was Jamie that would make her stop. Tyrion tearfully takes in this information and it confirms that his sister's hatred of him stemmed from infancy. Oberyn hates the Lannisters, hates the Mountain and he proclaims that HE will be Tyrion's champion. He looks at Tyrion and knows that his family is in name only and aside from Jamie, he hates them as much as they hate him. So we have a new duo to look forward to and I CANNOT wait to see Oberyn slay The Mountain and I cannot wait for Cersei and Tywin's reaction when he does! And it makes me soooo happy that Tyrion has a new found champion because he deserves one.

Other things happened too: Creepy Littlefinger hit on Sansa and pushed Lysa out of her beloved moon door. That was pretty fantastic! Jon Snow was made victor at Caster's Creek but still can't get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T at the wall. Arya and The Hound, my other favorites, are still getting closer to Lysa's place and growing closer in the process. I truly love them together and it makes me sad that The Hound is the last name on her (literal) hit list.

We won't get to see a new episode this weekend as it's Memorial Day, and there are only 3 episodes left =(  This show just gets better and better!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

He's got 99 problems and an elevator beatdown is 1

It's been a while since I have blogged about pop culture. Who other than Beyonce' could bring me back to my original love???? No one I tell you. No one. This story has given me life! I love it. Every second, every speculation of it. Here is the video link in case you haven't seen it yet.    Why do I love it so? Well thank you for asking! Because, as my friend Donde put it, they are THE couple. The IT couple. The couple we are all suppose to aspire to be. They are a dynasty. They own a freakin basketball team for God sakes!!!! Everything they touch turns to gold...except for Bey's sister (gold may have been a prettier gown color than that color she had on, but I digress). Even the almighty Jay-Z is not immune to in-laws. And in-laws that can scrap in an elevator at a the Met Gala-in a ball gown are, I have to say, pretty spectacular. If I sound like I am a Solonge fan...well I am now! Didn't really know who she was before but now I know and she is my kind of chic. There are so many theory's as to what happened to provoke the elevator attack: Solonge is mad that Jay isn't helping her with her career, that Solonge is on drugs and he made a snide remark about it in the elevator...I don't think so yo. I am a sister. And I can spot a sister protecting another sister a mile away. So, whatever comes out of this, I know that it comes down to Solonge feeling as though Jay-Z did her sister wrong. You heard it here first folks! As you can see for yourself, Bey didn't run interference. At all. And I'm sorry, but if I was to attack my brother-in law in front of my sister for any reason other than he hurt her, she would stop me. She would get in the middle and beg me to calm down, to stop...Bey did none of that. She just stood there. Because, I think, she felt like she was being vindicated. Did he cheat on her? Maybe. Did he say that he thinks the name "Blue" is stupid and that hurt Bey?? Possibly. Did he tell her that he is not, in fact, ready for all that jelly??? Could be. But whatever he did, my pop culture gut feeling is that he did her wrong. And her sister was defending her. Until (if ever) the truth comes out, this is what I'm sticking with. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. Whatever the truth turns out to be, it's been fun to watch! =)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A-Z Challenge: Z is for Zombies

I'm a day late with my last blog in the challenge but hey, it's here! So the letter Z to me, is Zombies. My love of "The Walking Dead" is well known and I am obsessed with the show. The writing, the acting, everything is just perfection. My son (who is 8 and has never seen the show, but is 8 so he knows all about zombies) asks me about zombies all the time "Mama, do you think zombies are real? Do you think that zombies will ever attack us?" I say "No sweetie, of course not! There's nothing to be afraid of". BUT. That is just another Mom fib that we have to tell every now and then (like the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, etc). OF COURSE it could happen!! We could all have that strain of virus in us that when the Apocalypse happens, we could all turn into zombies. And then zombies would overtake us all and rule the could happen people! But, in the off chance it doesn't happen, "The Walking Dead" is still an amazing show that is either brilliantly foreshadowing our future or is just a great show that we watch to pass the time. Before the show, I never gave zombies a second thought. I was too concerned with the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, The Real Housewives of Mozambique...but then I happened upon this show and it changed my outlook on zombies completely. They were no longer just scary/cool special effects out of the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video, they were something I actually gave some thought to. What WOULD happen in a zombiepocalypse??? What would we do? How would I protect my family and friends???? I would hope I would be all season 1 and 2 Rick Grimes and become a fearless leader who would do anything for to protect the ones I love. Or be like Michonne, all bad ass on the outside but be all sweet and soft on the inside. (Mental note: purchase kick ass sword. And a HUGE can of pudding. That is all). Or be wise and have faith like our sweet, beloved Herschel. RIP. We never know how we will react to a situation until it happens but I would hope I would be like my favorite characters and be the hero that all of us wish to be. Until then, I will keep my zombiepocalypse prep going (which includes-but is not limited to-watching the show and making mental notes. That's about it.) and work to become in real life every day what I aspire to be when it comes down to survival: a fearless leader with a big heart who will do anything for her family and friends. But with a kick ass sword. Definitely need the sword!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the A-Z challenge. I am sad that it's over but thank you for all the feedback that you gave during the month. It was a challenge indeed but an amazing one!!!! I am now inspired with more blog ideas and I hope that you continue this blogging journey with me after the challenge is done. THANK YOU all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)