Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Finale-whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

So the season finale of "The Walking Dead" happened. And it sure did happen! I still don't know what to think about it to be honest. Maybe we can figure it out together as the whole Carl nearly being raped thing is still pretty heavy on my mind=(

Rick and Michonne are together watching out for walkers and Carl is in a car they found trying to rest. Rick is having flashbacks to Herschel (God is he missed!) and their time at the prison. He is remembering some lessons Herschel taught him about being a leader and most importanly being a father. After a flashback, there is a rustling in the woods...is it a walker? A deer? Nope. It's the chain gang and they found their prey. The gang from hell ambushes Rick and Michonne and a very disgusting "man" sets his site on Carl. Joe announces that they will rape and kill Michonne and Carl and then kill Rick after he watches his loved ones die. Darryl appears and tries to take up for his true friends and tells Joe they are good people and to take Darryl's life instead. Joe then calls Darryl a liar as Rick killed his friend so he IS a bad man-and orders Darryl to be beat to death by two of his thugs. Michonne is battling another thug, Rick is taking a beating by Joe and this disgusting, horrific guy has gotten Carl out of the car and has Carl pinned to the ground on his belly and clearly is a pedophile happily waiting for his prey. Rick sees this happening to his son and does something that only a parent about to witness the worst imaginable thing to happen to his child could do: he BITES Joe's jugular like an animal and kills him! This gives Michonne some incentive and turns the gun on the guy she's fighting and kills him. She shoots one of the guys Darryl is fighting and Darryl kills the other guy. The guy about to rape Carl is left staring at this turn of events in shock and fear: he knows he's next. Rick says "Oh he's mine" and guts the prick with everything that he has. Carl, in the saftey of Michonne's arms, watches his dad kill his would-be attacker. Any parent can look at this and nod their head with approval because we ALL would do that-though I personally would have gone lower than the navel. To each his own though. Carl, who was already bordering on sociopathic tendencies, I think will be forever changed by this and may go full-sociopath. He is in shock and his head is on Michonne's lap, the adults discuss going to Terminus. They all express doubts about it but agree they have to check it out. So off to Terminus they tredge.

Rick, getting his Rickness back and how, decides that they will go to Terminus but decides they will check it out first from an angle they can't be seen before they announce they are there. They split up to scope out the premesis, Michonne and Carl go together. Michonne, seeing that Carl is not ok and is probably scared of the violence his dad is capable of, opens up to Carl about her son Andre. He was taken by zombies on a day Michonne left him with his dad Mike and Uncle Terry. The walkers got Mike and Terry as well but she decided to keep Mike and Terry on chains, making them incapable of biting or killing anyone to serve as a reminder to her-and in the process they helped her stay alive by acting as a zombie shield. She says that she was "gone" for a long time and that Andrea, Rick and Carl brought her back and gave her life again. Awwwwe. Carl insists that he's not afraid of his dad because, he says, "I'm just another monster too". Michonne hugs him tight as only a mom can do while Rick looks on. Finding a side entrance,they all hop a fence and go into a building where there are roughly 5 weirdos...errr people...working on more Terminus signs and some lady on a radio transmitter. Rick, seing their surprise at their new visitors, says "hello". Main weirdo Gareth looks a little preturbed at the surprise visitors but nonetheless goes into the "welcome to Terminus" speil. They are offered sanctuary and food...from the grill. Oh no. Before they can eat Beth...I mean, the food prepared for them from THAT grill, Rick spots Maggies poncho and most importantly Glenn's pocketwatch. Rick immediately pulls his gun on the guy who has Glenn's watch and they then run like hell out of there. They happen upon what looks to be a sacrificial room with candles and the words "NEVER AGAIN" NEVER TRUST" WE, FIRST, ALWAYS" on the walls...psychooooo!!! They make it outside where they are surrounded by a bunch of other weirdos with guns. Seeing as they are outnumbered, they surrender their weapons and are told to go into a train side car. It is there that they find Maggie, Glenn, Bob, Sasha, Tara, Abraham, and EUGENE!! Sigh. Maggie explains that the newbies are their friends who helped them and Darryl and Rick immediately state that they are now friends of theirs now too. Rick is clearly in Heaven to be reunited with lost members of his "family". We are seeing the Rick we knew from the first two seasons-patriarch, leader, and protector of his family. He is not afraid of these freaks-why would he be? They've fought worse. They've seen worse and have lived through worse. And this new/old Rick is NOT the Rick that will wallow in his losses or fear adversity. He is going to make these people pay and his ending line says it all: "They're gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out". EUGENE (sigh): "Find out what?" Rick: "They're screwin' with the WRONG people".

So that's the finale. What did everyone think? I think it left a lot unanswered still: Where is Beth??? Is she grill food???? Will Carol and Tyrese fall victim to Terminus where it's just the two of them or will they reunite with Rick and Crew and really take over Terminus??? What is the deal with these weirdos???? Season 5 is sure to start off with a bang with most of our core group together and who are ready to kick ass and take names! I do love how they ended with them being so strong and in tact. Thank you all for reading this and supporting this over the season. I will be doing a Game of Thrones blog to pass the time until The Walking Dead comes back. But again thank you all!!!!! What a great season! =)