Friday, April 18, 2014

New A-Z Challenge:P is for Places

Ok, had to do a new blog because the last one was too depressing, even for me. So this one is geared toward the top five places I want to go before I die. With all that's happened this week, it's kind of amped up the bucket list process and I'm going to actively look to do these things in the next ten years.

1. Go somewhere-ANYWHERE-with a swim up bar. That is honestly my dream to just be swimming then say "hmmm. I'm parched. I could use a refreshing adult beverage right here in the water" then swim up to get said beverage. Sigh. It WILL happen!
2. Alaska. I think it would be amazing to see the Northern Lights, the caves that look would be a dressmaker trip.
3. Disney. That will hopefully happen soon with the kids but Ive never been to Disney either, so when we go it will be a first for the three of us!
4. England. I swear I was British in another life. I can do an accent like noone's business, I have a Princess complex and English guys are the hottest to me. I have to go "home" and drink in a pub with my peeps. Someday
5. Hawaii. One of my best friends lives there and it will be a mission to go see her, see the beaches and view paradise first hand.

So that's the revised, not so depressing P blog. The swim up bar has to happen like whoa. I'm jealous of anyone who's done it!!!

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