Monday, April 28, 2014

Game of Thrones-Still not over Jamie. Not even a little.

So I am behind in my GOT recaps-and I will try to sum them up below. But the thing that I cannot get out of my head is Jamie raping Cersei on Joffrey's casket. Now, I hate Cersei like everyone else. BUT, no one deserves that. And for JAMIE to be the one to do it??? Yes he's incestuous and he wasn't always a good person. But I feel like the show went far to redeem him only to ruin him for good. Losing his hand, swearing to Catlynn that he would return her girls if they were alive, his friendship with Brienne...this was all to redeem him. I just cannot believe that he is now a rapist. I don't care if Cersei is the worst person in the world, it makes me so sad that now Jamie will forever be the guy who raped his sister on their son's casket (ewwwwe that is the grossest sentence I've ever typed!). Cersei was horrible to Jamie, she played games with him, she was vicious and cruel...but she is still a woman with a right to say NO. And she did say it, several times. She begged him not to do it there, on her dead son's casket....two weeks later and I still can't shake it. And there was zero mention of it last night! The one scene they had it was Cersei making sure that Jamie would find Sansa and kill her and she kept up her stance that Tyrion killed Joffrey. She was drinking, clearly distraught and dismissed him as a "Guardsman". Jamie seemed to be remorseful but no mention of it at's just wrong. I'm so upset still and probably will be for a long time. =(

Dany gained control of Meeren and decided to repay the slave masters back by crucifying them the way they crucified the children. She showed no mercy and I'm not sure what that will eventually mean for our dear Khaleesi. It was pretty cold blooded...but, like she said "Fight Injustice with Justice".

Bronn and Jamie have another session and (quite hilariously!) Bronn beat Jamie by taking his gold hand off and smacking him with it! lol. Bronn really likes Tyrion and it became clear when he guilted Jamie into going to see him and telling him that Tyrion thought of Jamie as his "champion". So a guilt ridden Jamie goes to visit his brother. Tyrion lets Jamie know that he would never have killed his son and Jamie believes him. But Jamie feels helpless as to how to help his brother.

Little Finger has Sansa and he tells Sansa that he did indeed help to kill Joffrey but he didn't do it himself. There was an accomplice. And though I knew who it was, I couldn't believe it was revealed last night! Margeary and her grandmother are in the garden preparing to say goodbye. Granny Olenna starts a story with how she was so good at manipulating men (in the bedroom) and that is how she married who she did, not "some Targaryean". She is telling her granddaughter not to let an opportunity to manipulate Tommen into marrying her. She admits to killing Joffrey telling her granddaughter "You didn't think I'd let you marry that beast, did you?". I KNEW IT!! Not to brag but I totally called it. Read back for verification! lol. Anyway, Margeary pays Tommen a visit to his room when he's almost asleep. I'm sorry, I have a son who is slightly younger than Tommen. It made me physically ill when she was trying to seduce him. I think it made her ill too. THANKFULLY, she merely kissed him on the forehead and said goodnight. But still. Blech. Tommen had sweet dreams that night for sure though. AND Tommen has a cat named "Ser Pounce". LOVE that!

Jamie goes to Brienne and gives her a mission: to find Sansa and bring her safely to her crazy Aunt Lysa (where she is heading anyway-and so is Arya!). He had a suit of Armor made up for her and he gifted her with the Valyrian sword his father gave him. Now this scene is pure new-Jamie. He is totally going against Cersei by keeping his oath to protect Sansa and he gave away the sword his father made for him because he feels Brienne will use it best. They really care about each other. Jamie asks what Brienne will name her sword and Brienne pointedly says "Oathkeeper". Awwwwe.  Jamie sends my sweet little Podrick with her. I just love him.

There's a long scene with Bran and crew and basically they get captured and brought to Craster's Keep where the women are raped and the men are savages. Ugh. Jon Snow and a very small army of brothers are heading there as well so hopefully they will save Bran and crew (one is a girl remember) from certain torture and rape. The last Caster baby is born and is going to be sacrificed "to the gods" as per Caster's rules. Any scene with a baby on this show automatically puts me on edge so I held my breath for most of the last 15 minutes. The babies are turned over to the White Walkers in order for them to grow their tribe. THANKFULLY the babies are turned by just an ugly white walker fingernail touching their cheeks. Pheeeeeeew. I couldn't bare to see a baby harmed and especially that baby-that baby was too cute!

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