Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A-Z Challenge: You forgot something...

This post is dedicated to one of my all time favorite movie moments. I think we all have them, at least a few times in our lives. A movie moment is when something so rare and special happens it could only be compared to a movie. The downfall is, when you go to explain it or blog about it, it may not translate because unless you were there to see it, it just doesn't measure up. I'm going to give it a try now though! This movie moment happened MANY years ago. My friends and I were out at our favorite bar when we happened upon a group of guys who were visiting from South Jersey. I had no idea there was even a South Jersey, but they had the southern accents and everything so of course it was legit =)  Anywhoodle, we got to talking and they were only here for a week due to work. They were pretty awesome guys, a lot of fun and we ended up hanging out with them most of the week they were here. There was one guy in particular, Jeremy, who I hit it off with the most. He was tall, dark and handsome-just like the leading man in a movie usually is. After all these years I can still remember he had aqua blue eyes that were pretty phenomenal. But I digress. So Jeremy and I bonded pretty much from the get-go. The week ended and the night before they were all leaving to go back home, we had all gone to a club. We danced and had a blast. We found a Dunkin Donuts that was open and this had to be about 2-3am by this time. We all didn't want to say goodbye but we knew we had to. So we all took turns saying goodbye and Jeremy and I saved each other for last. It was really hard for some reason and we kind of said a lame goodbye and headed off to our own cars to leave.( now to set the scene correctly, it started to rain at this point. This is key and will add to the dramatic effect of what happens next. You're welcome). I got in my car and I said to my friends "This can't be the way we say goodbye". Jeremy must have been thinking the same thing because (at the encouragement of my friends to go say goodbye properly) as I jumped out of my car and yelled "Jeremy!", he was getting out of his truck and yelled "Kelly!".  We ran to each other and I didn't know what else to say so I said "You forgot something". He smiled and said "Oh yeah? What?" I said "This" and we kissed. We kissed in a pretty much abandoned parking lot, in the rain, at like 3am. At first our friends were all cheering and clapping as people do in movies, then I think after a while they got bored because it turned into more "ok lovebirds, let's go!". (Plus, while rain can be romantic, it also leaves you soaked and cold. You don't see that part in the movies though!) So we said our final goodbyes and that was it. We continued to keep in touch a bit but slowly we just stopped emailing and calling. But I will always look back at that night as one of the best movies moments of my life...and I hope he does too! =)

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