Monday, April 28, 2014

A-Z Challenge: X is for the dreaded eX

Oh my God, I've missed two blogs (kill me!) and now after this one there are only two left! Wow. This has been such a great challenge-thank you Kevin for suggesting that I do it. A lot of it has been cathartic but, like you, I am always thinking about the next word will be!

This one will be short and sweet because, lets face it, there is only so much you can say about an eX. They are an eX for a reason. Some taught you things, other taught you about you NEVER want to have again...and some you have figured out aren't bad people but you're better off as friends. Currently I am at the voodoo doll phase with my eX but that's neither here nor there! ;0  What it comes down to is that they were in our lives for a reason. Some we may even encounter again at another time and maybe give it another shot. Who knows. But one thing I have learned from having several eXes is that they all have one thing in common: they were batshit stupid enough to ever let me go. That is all! =) Hahahahhaahahahaha. Jussssssssst kidding! They all are, for the most part (somewhere in their souls) good guys who did teach me different things. They taught me what I do and I don't want in a relationship, they taught me that I would rather be alone then feel alone with someone right next to me, and they taught me how that no matter how bad the heartbreak, I can get through it. And the one gave me my son, he is the one I will be forever grateful to because, regardless of how we ended or how things are now, he taught me what unselfish, pure, true love is when he gave me my son. So that's about it I guess. Feel free to vent about your eX in the comments because I am thinking that will be next blog idea. A forum where we can all go to read about each other's situations and maybe help when we can. But we shall see! =)