Thursday, April 24, 2014

A-Z Challenge: U is for U suck

Since my friend Kevin stole my word (unfriend-here's his blog link: and if anyone hasn't read it U SUCK!!) I am just going to free form it with a list of top ten things that suck. And, if you take offense to it, U probably suck too.

1. U suck if you're judgemental and holier than thou. You are not better than anyone else and believe me, the glass house u live in will crash down around you. BECAUSE U SUCK.

2. U suck if you in any way, shape or form support the Westboro Baptist "Church". U SUCK and everyone but you knows why.

3. U suck if you are against gay marriage or adoption. There is such a shortage of love in this world, who the hell do you think you are to stop anyone from loving each other? And bringing love to a child who desperately needs it??? U SUCK and even God dislikes you if you are spewing your hate in His name. Losers.

4. U suck if you start a relationship with no intention of sticking around for the duration. You know, the ones who are in it until shit gets real. U SUCK HARDCORE. And karma is a bitch. FYI.

5.  U suck if you drive in the far left lane, drive 40MPH and refuse to merge to the middle or right lane where you belong. U SUCK and I wish nothing but potholes in your future.

6. U suck if  you have a perma-stick up your ass. Seriously. Life is short, have a little fun. Maybe be bold and crack a smile. If not, stay home and contain your misery to your own home. U SUCK. Lighten up before that stick really starts to chafe. Invest in some Vaseline yo.

7. U suck if you are a Yankee fan. No explanation needed. #YANKEES SUCK and so do you.

8. U suck if you think you're special enough to take up two parking spaces in a busy parking lot. U SUCK and deserve the key scratches along your door. Dick.

9. U suck if you are on the phone while checking in at a doctor's appointment. The secretary is trying to check you in, verify your information so that you don't get a bill AND keep the doctor on time. U SUCK and if you think it's that important to talk about the new nail color you have on and keep everyone waiting, just leave and don't ever come back.

10. U suck if you read this list and cannot identify with at least 4 of the above. U SUCK but please continue to read my blog. Because you don't suck THAT bad...=)


  1. Classic! U suck but thanks for the shout out.

  2. You lost me on #7, but made up for it with #9 - People U suck!!

    1. LOL #7 is a Red Sox thing I guess but I'm glad you liked # 9!!! People do suck!!!! =)