Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A-Z Challenge: T is for Textpectation

Expectations are the silent killer of all relationships. Add technology to that and it becomes a landmine that blow some relationships to bits. Textpectations. Quite simply textpectation is when one is waiting for a text that may or may not come. It's the anticipation, the butterflies you get if it's coming from someone you think is special or maybe it's coming from someone whom you are waiting for an answer to something. Regardless, the end result of textpectation can only lead to one of two things: happiness or sadness. It's pretty polarizing honestly. When starting a new relationship, the textpectations are high. You want texts-and you want them a lot. You want the "good morning  hope you have a great day" text. You want the midday "hope you're having a great day, mine is going well" and of course, the "good night sweetie, sweet dreams" text. And they usually come in the beginning and start to wane once everyone is comfortable. You may still get the good morning text but the midday and the good night ones fall to the wayside. That leads to textpectation sadness. And once they stop coming all together...its textpectation spiral. As much as I love technology, I hate it at the same time. When on a textpectation high, technology is wonderful: "Isn't it great that we don't have to call each other? That if I'm at work I can sneak a quick text to check in and see how he's doing. Le sigh. It's sooooo great. Life is amazing". Then, when the texpectation sadness kicks in, it's: " I freakin hate technology. I hate it. He's all over Facebook, he played me in Words with Friends, he snapchatted, updated his twitter, took an Instagram but hasn't sent a text. What the heck??" It's AWFUL. Textpectations can be great or they can royally suck. Can't wait to see what the next invention to come out that will ultimately disappoint us and can cause more ways to put relationships to the test. Cannot. Freakin. Wait.

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