Monday, April 21, 2014

A-Z Challenge: R is for Rendezbooze

Wow, only 8 more blogs to go! It's been a challenge-a fun challenge, but a challenge nonetheless! OK kids,  today's word is "rendezbooze". It's when you go to a bar after work or with meet up with friends for the sole reason to talk and have a drink. Rendezboozing when I was younger was a very different definition than I have for it now. Sit back and get the popcorn popped kiddies, Granny's about to tell you a story: Back in my day, before camera phones were everywhere and "selfie" was a real term, we used to rendezbooze at clubs. And at said clubs, there was a lot of dancing to be had. A lot of dancing, drinking and a lot of meeting new people. Rendezboozing back then meant starting at 10:00 and staying out until 5am at the very  least 3 nights a week.  Rendezboozing for us old folk now is meeting up at the bar around dinnertime and being home by midnight about twice a month. No dancing. Just talking. It's VERY different. These past few months I've rendezboozed  a bit more ( it's a major stress reliever. It costs less than therapy let's face it!). The only time I have alcohol in my house is at holiday's so I feel like it's important to rendezbooze with my peeps.  As a hardworking single mom with a million other things on my plate, it's important to go out and have fun every once in a while. Whether it's a rendezbooze with friends, co-workers (who are friends), a's important to get out and enjoy life a little. I have a rendezbooze this week scheduled and I am particularly looking forward to it. It's with someone I haven't seen in a few years and it will be fun to reconnect. He's extremely funny so I know I will have fun and there is nothing better than mixing a rendezbooze with a funny person. Rendezboozes are so key for adults and, in particular, parents. We get so consumed with work, being parents, making sure everyone else is all taken care of that it's nice to go out, relax and take some time to NOT stress. To make sure that you are connecting with people on a level of silliness and fun. I know for a fact that I am a better mom for taking some "me" time. My son sees a happy mom and it's because I have an outlet for all the stress that goes on daily. My last rendezbooze was with my best friend a week ago who is a first time mom. Her son is only 6 months old and she hasn't been able to rendezbooze in a while. So we went out and had a BLAST. It was so much fun to get out, to get together again and to just have fun. We talked a lot, we got silly and we were able to let go for a few hours. It was so needed for the both of us. She woke up the next day refreshed from it and I did as well. Of course rendezboozing now is different now from when we were younger but hey, it's still fun. And it's necessary in my opinion. So rendezbooze kiddies, rendezbooze whenever you can. It's highly recommended from Granny Kelly. And Granny Kelly is never wrong! =)

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