Saturday, April 19, 2014

A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quarterlife Crisis

It seems like only yesterday I was turning 25. Two years goes fast!! Hahaha. Quarter life crisis is a real thing. It's when you are young, living life oblivious to what aging actually means, then all of a sudden reality crushes in reminding you are not invincible and you are getting OLD. My Quarter life crisis happened when my friends and I were preparing to celebrate my turning the big 2-5.That is when something funny happened: all of a sudden I didn't want to celebrate or, more accurately, I didn't want to turn 25. We had arrived at the club that we frequented a LOT. My favorite bartenders were working and they were hooking me up with birthday drinks, my favorite DJ was playing all of our songs...and yet I did not want midnight to come. I liked 24. There was nothing substantial in that age number. I was about to turn a quarter freakin century old!! What the hell is that?!?!? A quarter century felt like a shackled death sentence. I started to cry, right there on the dance floor. It suddenly felt so overwhelming and time felt like it was going too fast. I LOVED where I was in my life. I had great friends, I was young, had fun wherever I went...would all that have to stop??? My best friends saw my tears and immediately took me to a table. I told them why I was crying and how stupid I felt, but it all hit me hard at that point. One of them said something I will never forget. She said: "The only thing that has to change is the digits. You are always evolving, growing. We are here tonight to celebrate the fact that you were born, that you are loved-the number you're turning has nothing to do with it. We love you and when you age, we all age. We grow together and that's what makes it worth it. Now stop it because there is an hour until midnight and we are going to shake our asses and celebrate your birth!!" So I dried my tears and celebrate we did. After that, turning 30 was a piece of cake...not sure what will happen when 40 comes. All I know is the same friends that got me through my quarter life crisis are still here getting me through every other as long as they are still here for the big 4-0 I'll be alright =)

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