Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A-Z Challenge: N is for Nerdgasm

To anyone that knows me, this is no secret: I love nerds. Like, really, really LOVE nerds. They make my heart happy. The nerdier the better. Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory is my idea of the most perfect nerd ever (though I can't say I'd have the patience Amy Farrah Fowler has to deal with him. Their first kiss was pretty amazing and I would be demanding a LOT more after that. Just saying). A nerdgasm is when you get an intense, happy reaction to anything nerdy. But to have a really good nerdgasm, you have to find a nerd with a similar nerdiness to yourself. Like for me, I have nerdgasm's whenever I get to talk in depth about "The Game of Thrones" or "The Walking Dead". Sigh. I can nerd out for hours on those topics.  And, since this seems to be the week of confessions, I will make one again today: I have a very important job related test in May. In all my nerdiness, I promised myself that if I pass it I will buy myself  "The Game of Throne" books and allow myself to read them all over the summer. Now, as a single mom who barely has time to breathe, this is a huge treat I'm allowing myself  #supernerdalert. It's more motivation and it will surely bring me a nerdgasm if I pass. Win/Win. I usually have a nerdgasm a few times a week. Since I work with the public and with all different kinds of people, it's fairly easy to do. A nerd will walk in and I will be all over said nerd like white on rice. I casually bring up TWD or GOT, the nerdiness takes over and it's all nerdgasm from there. We both have a better day because of it. I fancy myself a nerdcicle (sweet nerd) or nerdcess (nerd princess). And I am constantly on the lookout for a fellow nerdcicle or nerdcess to befriend. So if that's you, feel free to talk nerdy to me. Nerdgasm will surely follow! =)

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