Saturday, April 12, 2014

A-Z Challenge: J is for Justin Time

So...I'm late for my J blog. I'm sorry!! But it's here, a day late but it's here. For me, there is no other "J" word than "Justin" who is my son, my whole heart and soul. Now, choosing his name ended up being easier than I thought. After my world was rocked when I found out  I was having a boy and NOT a girl, I had to go back to the drawing board for names. I had it narrowed down to five names and after looking up the definitions to all five names, it wasn't even a thought anymore. There was no doubt that Justin it was. It was strong, it meant "Just and Right, Warrior" and it fit. As a single mom I couldn't have my son walking around with a name like "Doodlebug" (though his nicknames run from Jigga Bun Bun, Bubba, Jdizzle, goes on! lol)-it had to be strong. And I couldn't think of a single Justin that I know that I didn't like. (That mattered a LOT. You never really know how many people you dislike until you have to name a child btw). His middle name is George, after my dad who had passed away. Justin George, to me, was strong. It fit. And it ended up being pretty accurate as he came just in time. =)

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