Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A-Z Challenge: H is for Hoopty

Today's H word is close to my heart. It's "Hoopty" for my beloved first two cars. My very first car was a Ford Escort that was passed down to me from my elderly uncle who passed away. I wanted to keep it forever for sentimental reasons, but it was manual steering, manual brakes, manual EVERYTHING-and it was a little two door car which was NOT conducive to driving all my friends around in. But it was a true Hoopty. My uncle tried to keep the engine in good shape but, God bless him, it wasn't. At all. So I had it all of 6 months until it died. I then had to find another car and at 18, all I was concerned about was how it looked and how many friends I could fit in it! So the next Hoopty was what we called "They Yacht"-a Ford LTD. It was enormous. I fell in love the second I saw it. I could just see all my friends and I cruising downtown in this yacht of a car...until after a few months the ceiling of the car literally started caving in. And one fine day my friends, sister and I were driving around and I heard this sound. I felt the car jerking but I think I was in shock and couldn't face what was happening. I was fighting to stop the car and my sister screamed "PULL OVER NOW!!" I screamed back "I'm TRYING!!" The tire had just fallen off. It just, because it felt like it, fell off. Didn't hit a pothole, didn't run over a curb or just fell off. There were many other issues, the car would overheat randomly, the brake fluid was always was another true Hoopty. Seeing as I didn't have a death wish at the age of 19 I sadly had to put the yacht down to pasture. I then got a Toyota Corolla (named Pup Pup) which lasted me the next 10 years. Pup Pup was no Hoopty and I loved Pup Pup very much. But, there is nothing like a Hoopty. They were not perfect, they were damaged and sometimes almost caused my death. The memories those cars hold though, they cannot be replaced. I'm just grateful I survived the two Hoopty's to be able to write about them! =)

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