Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A-Z Challenge: G is for Googleheimer's

I had to refer to my go-to word bible "Urban Dictionary" to get a G word because, honestly, I'm just not feelin it today. Maybe it's the day, or the letter, but I didn't want to do another "deep" word and I couldn't think of anything else. Urban Dictionary is wonderful if you need to laugh or if you need to get a word for a challenge on a day you just aren't feelin it! =) But, since this is a challenge and I honor my commitments, here it goes. Googleheimer's is defined as: "The condition where you think of something you want to Google, but by the time you get to your computer, you have forgotten what it was. Very prevalent in the 420 community.
I've got Googleheimer's so bad that between the garage and the office, I forgot what I was going to look up". This happens a LOT. I go to google an area doctor for work and I forget why. I'm glad it's a termed condition because I can't be the only Googleheimer out there!!! =)

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