Monday, April 7, 2014

A-Z Challenge: F is for Framily

We begin week two of this blogging challenge with the letter "F". The letter "F" on a Monday may suggest a word other than "Framily" but I will leave the obvious to others! =) Framily may not be a technical word yet but to me it's everything. Framily, as defined by me, are the friends you choose who become your family. I am extremely lucky to have several of these. My closest friends, the "inner circle" are my framily. They have been through everything with me: the good, the bad and in between. Death, birth, marriages, dating, breakups, makeups, mood swings, brain tumors, illness...there's been a lot and they have never left my side but, most importantly, they never left my son's side. They are my rock, my advice, my sanity. They are supportive in every way but they are not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong-which I've learned is invaluable. They are the epitome of loyalty, accpetance and love-everything that makes a family a family. And sometimes, what we are born into isn't always that. I am blessed to have some phenomenal family members but for those who aren't, my framily steps up and makes it all bearable. They have all the qualities I look for in people: they are funny as hell, kind, caring, loyal, down to earth and "real". What you see is what you get and again, I've found that to be invaluable as well. So, to my framily: I love you more than you can know. You know who you are and I appreciate you more than I can put in a blog. Especially over the past few years (and this past month), you all have stepped up and have been there for every tear, every laugh, every problem, everything. THANK YOU for all that you do and I love you my friends-my framily.


  1. Well those cell phone commercials are definitely getting on the Framily bandwagon! The concept though is a good one.

    Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge! Here's my A to Z blog post

    1. Lol yes it is! It's everything to me, that's for sure!