Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Thankfully, the tone of this week's show was very different than last week's. Honestly, we needed a little happiness and a break from the sadness. And we got in the form of a long awaited reunion and a certain Sheldon-esque, mulletted nerd (who is also my future ex husband)and a look at Terminus. Jury's still out on that one.

We begin by seeing Rick, Michonne and Carl still on their way to Terminus. You can see how deeply bonded they are-but it made me realize that we haven't seen Rick in many episodes. Though Carl isn't missed, I think Rick and Michonne are. They are still trudging along and Carl is sharing his candy with Michonne. Very sweet. The next group we see is Glenn, Tara, Rosita, Abraham and....EUGENE. Eugene is having a one sided conversation with Tara about nerd stuff and it is AWESOME. Just this sentence alone sums him up: “It's enjoyable as hell to think of an undead ankylosaur going after a diplodocus. That there is a video game worthy of a pre-order.” He does not believe that the dinosaurs became extinct with this zombie virus and some gossipmongers are saying. Sigh-he and his mullett are perfection. Eugene, who saves face after telling Tara she's hot and she shoots back with "I like girls". He says "Yeah. I know". And he didn't. Which is reason 1,235 why I heart him. Ginger Abe is still hell bent on getting Mulletman to Washington DC and Glenn is still hell bent on finding Maggie. Glenn's mission gets a big kickstart when Tara spots Maggie's zombie-blood message to Glenn telling him to continue on to Terminus. I have to say, when Glenn saw that sign, the elation and happiness he felt brought me to tears. He was so happy, relieved and even more hell bent to get to her. He literally runs down the traintracks to find her quicker. They all finally stop to take a break where a zombie from above falls and splatters. Ewwe. Tara hurts her leg trying to dodge that falling zombie but Glenn wants to continue on. Tara is consumed with guilt for backing the wrong horse at the prison-the Governor. She desperately wants to atone for Herschel's death, the death of her girlfriend, neice and sister. Rosita calls Glenn out on taking advantage of that but Tara insists that she will stick with Glenn no matter what. They continue on where they decide to part ways at the tunnel leading to Terminus. Big Abe doesn't feel like he can get Eugene safely through what is sure to be a tunnel full of zombies. Glenn feels that Maggie must have went through there so he will too. Rosita hugs Glenn and tells him to not be an ass to Tara (p.s, I like Rosita now too). They part ways with Eugene, Rosita and Big Abe going around the tunnel, Glenn and Tara going through it. Tara hobbles along and tells Glenn that she is sorry for all that happened, she had no idea that Brian (a.k.a The Governor) was so evil. She watched her family die, Herschel die and she is asking for forgiveness. Glenn realizes that Tara is a good person that got maniupulated by a horrific man so he forgives her. It's then they a swarm of zombies come for them. Tara's injured leg gets trapped under some rubble and she begs Glenn to save himself and go find Maggie. Glenn, being the amazing man he is, refuses and stays with her, firing his gun until he's out of ammo. Meanwhile, Eugene, Rosita and Abe find an abandoned car. After much bickering (which shows the brother/sister bond they've created), Eugene gets to navigate, Rosita drives and Abe sleeps. Eugene navigates them to the other side of the tunnel. Rosita freaks out a bit, saying that they have to get to Washington to save the world-not help Glenn and Tara! Eugene prolifically says "I still have to live with myself after". SWOOOOON! Eugene tells Rosita and Eugene to hush as he sees something in the tunnel. Just when it looks like Glenn and Tara are toast, we see headlights and six people shooting the zombies dead. It's Abe, Eugene, Tara, Rosita, Bob, Sasha and MAGGIE!!! Glenn and Maggie are FINALLY reunited and it feels so good! They are so happy to be together and it's a beautiful scene. Later when they are cuddling, Maggie takes the picture that Glenn has of her and burns it saying that he will never need it again (hope that's not foreshadowing!). The big grooup contiues on and finds Terminus! It exists! Except it's super quiet, suuuuuper creepy and is very reminiscant of a certain Woodberry. There is one creepily nice lady cooking something and welcomes them to Terminus. In the words of Scooby Doo-RUT ROH. This cannot be good.

Darryl, meanwhile, is surviving amongst the thugs. They have this thing called "claim" where, like the name implies, you see something first and "claim" it, it's yours. There's a troublemaker named Len who doesn't like our Darryl-he sets him up and the leader, Joe, sees right through his shenanigans. So he does what any good leader does-orders Len to be beat to death, stressing that's what happens to liars. Joe has taken a shine to Darryl and it's weird to think that would be Darryl had he not met Rick and crew. It comes out that these thugs are not looking for Terminus-they are looking for the "walking piece of fecal matter" (uuuugh) that killed one of his men back at the house. The guy I THOUGHT (you were right Larry!!!) was dead was not dead, saw Rick's face so they are out looking for him. That cannot end well.

Next week is the season finale and it's sure to be a great one. I am hoping all of our peeps make it, that Beth is found (though if anyone watches The Following she is dead on that show. RIP) and that Darryl turns on these a-holes and saves his REAL family-Rick and crew.

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