Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So apparently, SOME people think this past episode of "The Walking Dead" wasn't that good (Stephanie). Any episode where we get all Darryl all day is a great one (you are dead to me Stephanie but I still love you JT!!) and any episode where the main objective is alcohol is a WINNER (again D-E-D DED Stephanie!!!)
The episode begins with Beth and Darryl finding refuge from a thunderstorm/herd of Walkers in an abandoned car trunk. It was extremely tense as they kept the trunk open a crack for air and you could see the lighting, hear the walkers, and see the car moving from the passing herd. (Side note: Beth is the luckiest girl ever to be trapped with Darryl in that close of quarters. Sigh). When the storm breaks and things have quieted down, they leave the trunk and find a camp where Beth lights a pretty great fire and they find snake to make some snake jerky. This is where Beth has an epiphany: She needs a drink. A real, honest to God, alcoholic drink. Pre-Zombiepocalypse, she had lived a sheltered life with her family and had never even tried a sip of alcohol. Darryl is pretty unsupportive of this endeavor and Beth is fed up with him. She leaves his moody behind back at the camp and starts off to find her Holy Grail-some booze. Darryl decides he cannot let her do this alone and finally goes and catches up with her. Their first destination is a Country Club. Darryl, even in a Zombiepocalypse, is clearly not comfortable in a place like this. There are bodies hanging, a half body/half mannequin with a sign that said "Rich Bitch" on it...again, it's not the zombies that are the only things to fear. Something bad happened there and Beth wants to give some respect to her. She tries unsuccessfully to take the body down but it's Darryl who finds a blanket and covers her up. Beth then goes to the kitchen where she finds a bottle of wine. SCORE! But alas, that lasts all of two seconds because a Zombie comes from nowhere and she is forced to break the bottle in his face and fight him off (what a waste). They then make there way to what is left of a gift shop and Beth finds the cutest little yellow polo/white sweater combo... I think we can all predict that white in a Zombiepocolypse is just not going to happen. She learns that when Darryl kills a zombie and stains her new ensemble. Boo. FINALLY they make it to the bar where the only alcohol left is Peach Schnapps. Now, for all of us who can clearly remember your first time getting drunk (or remember stories told to you as you were too drunk to actually remember them firsthand), Peach Schnapps is pretty typical of what your first time is (Mine was Kahlua and Zima but I digress). Beth is holding the bottle but can't bring herself to drink. She starts crying, which interrupts Darryl's impressive dart game he had just started. Seeing his homegirl cry and unable to achieve her dream of getting crunk, he does what any good friend would do: suggests they leave and find some REAL alcohol.

They go to a shack that Darryl had discovered with Michonne. This brings back a lot of memories for Darryl and you can see him struggling with this. He finds Beth some MOONSHINE. Yes freakin MOONSHINE. Holy crap. I first had Moonshine a few years ago (thanks Kim and Chris!!) and let me tell you: it's all it's hyped up to be and more. It's STRONG. Like whoa strong. But if she survives this Zombiepocolypse, Beth will be able to impress everyone with the tale of her first drink being Moonshine (#madrespect). So she and Darryl start playing a drinking game "Never have I ever" and we learn that Darryl has never left Georgia and Beth has never shot a crossbow. She then offends Darryl by insinuating he had been in prison before they actually lived in the prison. This sets Darryl off and he is now Angry-Drunk Darryl. He drags Beth outside where he is going to teach her to use a Crossbow damn it! He gets the nearest Zombie and makes Beth try to kill him with the Crossbow. Her aim is drunken of course so it's basically just him torturing a zombie. She goes and puts it out of it's misery with a knife. Beth has resigned herself to the fact that she is a walking dead girl but she wants Darryl to realize that she has made it this far so she's more capable than he gives her credit for. She brings up Sophia and this is where Darryl, being the amazing fountain of inner feelings he is, lets go. He starts crying about Rick, about Carol, Sophia, about Hershel and about how he feels HE is to blame for not stopping the Governor before he killed Hershel. It was pretty intense to see our strong hero feeling guilty to his core about what happened at the prison. Beth lets him cry but threw her arms around him for comfort. It was a really sweet scene and freakin Beth is so lucky to hug him (sigh). But this scene also speaks to Darryl's character. Alcohol, a pretty girl and a Zombiepocolpyse could have a negative effect (shall we say) on a man. And it was clear that the thought of taking advantage of Beth in any way, shape or form isn't even a thought for Darryl. Even when he got a little rough with the crossbow lesson, you never, EVER thought he would harm her in any way. She is truly safe with him and again, it speaks to his morality and his heart. Le Sigh. After that well deserved breakdown, they then wander over to the porch for some more Moonshine and Darryl opens up about his past with his brother and how he never really felt like he had a purpose in life before the Zombiepocolypse. He was Merle's brother, his shadow but didn't really have an identity of his own. Beth, who is wise beyond her teen years, reminds him that he has to stay who is NOW, not go back to what he was. Darryl has become a good, strong man who has a great heart and even greater biceps. He is not the wannabe Merle thug he once was. So with that, they decide to set the shack (and essentially Darryl's version of what he once was)on fire, throw up some deuces and peace out of there and on to their next adventure.

Next week it looks like we get to see what Maggie and crew are up to. I hope they all connect at some point soon!! Thank you for reading!

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