Thursday, March 13, 2014


The title of this weeks The Walking Dead episode is aptly titled "Alone". The episode begins with a flashback of Bob guessed it-alone. That is, until Darryl and Glenn find him. Darryl asks the three questions they used to ask strangers: How many Zombies have you killed? How many people have you killed? And why? Bob states he hadn't kept count on the zombies and that he killed one person "because she asked him to".  Darryl asks if he has any questions and Bob states no. He's just so happy to not be alone anymore that nothing else matters. The next scene is a pretty cool fog zombie-kill scene with Maggie, Sasha and Bob fighting them off. It looks like Bob may have been bit but he says very happily that it's just a surface wound. Ok, ok I like Bob now. That little weirdo has officially won me over. They move on from the foggy woods and find the train tracks that lead to Terminus. Bob says that when communications were still working he heard about Terminus. This is all Maggie needs, she knows that Glenn will be looking for her there. Maggie overhears Sasha tell Bob that she thinks the whole thing is pointless and that the three of them should focus on their own survival. Maggie decided to go off to find Glenn alone and leaves them a note in the sand telling them she's gone. Bob immediately rushes to find her, Sasha unwillingly tags behind. On her own now, Maggie kills a zombie and gets the disgusting idea to gut it and use it's blood as ink to write to Glenn on the Terminus signs and let him know to go there. Ewwwe. Sasha calls Bob out for grinning all the time and acting like a weirdo. He's so happy to not be alone that he treasures it. He then calls Sasha out on her lack of belief that not only will they survive but her brother Tyrese may have survived too. He then calls Sasha the toughest yet sweetest person he knows. Awwwe. #TeamBob. They reach an abandoned warehouse and Sasha wants to give up looking for Maggie (and everyone) and set up shop there. Bob says no, he had been alone and won't allow Maggie to be. Seeing as Sasha has made up her mind, Bob leans in for a kiss. Awwwwkward. Sasha doesn't really reciprocate but that doesn't put a damper on Ol' Bob! He leaves Sasha and continues on his trek to find Maggie. Sasha goes upstairs in the Warehouse and allows herself a tiny breakdown. After that 20 second reprieve, she looks out the window and sees Maggie lying on the ground. She touches the window and it falls out, shattering, and wakes up all surrounding Zombies. And Maggie too. She rushes out to help Maggie and after killing many zombies, they decide to stick together and find Bob. Maggie admits to Sasha that she was waiting for them as she realized she could not do it alone. Sasha admits she's scared and doesn't want to be alone either. They catch up to Bob on the train tracks and the happiness he radiates is truly endearing. He's no longer alone and neither are the two people he has come to care about. Definitely #TeamBob.
Darryl and Beth. Ugh. He's teaching her to track/use the crossbow when Beth gets her ankle caught in a trap and sprains it. Darryl gives her a piggy back ride so she doesn't injure herself more. They find a cemetery/funeral home where they stop and pay respects to a grave marked "Beloved Father". Beth still insists there are good people in the world. They go inside the funeral home which is stocked and clean (foreshadowing much???) and Darryl finds dead people embalmed and treated with respect. Beth speaks of it's beauty that someone still cares enough to do this. They grow closer as Beth plays the piano and sings while Darryl chills in an empty coffin. There is also a one eyed dog that comes to the door-this house has it all! Beth and Darryl go to the pantry and find Darryl's version of a "white trash brunch"-diet soda, pigs feet and peanut butter. Their meal gets ruined when a crap ton of zombies come to the door. Darryl tells Beth to run outside and she does-right into someone that had a car running! She apparently gets kidnapped which Darryl is too late to save her from. He runs after the car to no avail. He falls asleep sitting up on the train tracks and who finds him but those rapist red necks from two episodes ago!!! Darryl is accepted by them...for now. Though when the leader says "Suicide is stupid. Why hurt yourself when you can hurt others?" you can see the look on Darryl's face that he knows they're no good but he has to play along in order to survive. The last scene is Glenn finding the sign for Terminus. Whoo hoo!!!

This episode, though it had a lot of Darryl which usually makes me happy, left me not happy. Beth is too young damn it!!!! She's super naive and though she's a good influence for bitter Darryl, she's NOT a good love interest. It's gross. Carol and Darryl all the way! Can I get a witness??????

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