Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Walking Dead Recap: Nothing like a mullet and crazy cheese in a zombie apocalypse....

So this last episode of The Walking Dead had it all: good horror movie quality tension, Michonne talking more, crazy cheese and a new guy with a MULLET! YES! I cannot even express how much I love a nerd and a mullet. It's official: I'm in love. And his name is Eugene. He is going to Washington to save the world because he's smarter than your average red neck-and he has a mullet. Our wedding will be this Fall so please clear your schedules accordingly.

The episode begins with Rick looking much better but still in need of rest. Michonne and Carl decide to go get supplies-because that always goes well??? Rick stays behind at the house and goes to bed. Michonne and Carl go scavenging and happen upon a house with crazy cheese. Michonne was super cute trying to make Carl laugh but alas, Carl has no laughs left. So they continue on and find a house that doesn't appear to be ransacked. Through their conversation we learn that Michonne had a son named Andre who died. Carl, being emotionally deficient, decides to make a game of making Michonne answer questions to her past that clearly destroyed her. I mean who doesn't want to relive their greatest pain of losing a child?????? SHUT UP CARL!!!!Anyway, while Michonne was looking through the house for supplies and avoiding Carl at all costs, she comes across a child's bedroom and what looks to be a murder/suicide of an entire family. 5 corpses, 2 bodies per bed and one in a rocking chair. This clearly rocks her and she protects Carl from seeing it. I think the theme of this episode is that the bad guys aren't always the zombies-which leads me to Rick.

Rick, trying to get some much needed rest, is awakened by voices coming from downstairs. Loud, obnoxious, (maybe drunk??) men who find Michonne's shirt and discuss how they will rape the woman who it belongs to. REAL GENTLEMEN. Rick hears footsteps coming up the stairs, so he hides under the bed. Prince Charming 1 comes into the bedroom and let me just tell you-this is where you remember how much you love Rick. He's in complete survival mode and its awesome. It was like great horror-movie tension the way the guy was looking all around the bedroom and there's Rick, holding his breath trying not to be found. Prince Charming 1 lays on the bed and a few minutes later is disrupted by Prince Charming 2 who has an issue with PC 1 getting some rest. A fight ensues and PC1 ends up killing PC2. When killing a friend proves to be too tiring, he falls asleep (naturally). Rick takes this opportunity to get the hell out of the bedroom. He goes into another room and tries to find an open window to get out of this house of horrors, but cannot find one. After dodging another Prince Charming (how many freakin guys are there???) he goes into the bathroom where Prince Charming 4 is, ummm...occupying the bathroom??? Rick doesn't care if it's a deuce or not, he's killing this guy. He chokes the crap (hahahaha) out of the guy and finally finds an open window to escape. He jumps off the side of the roof, lands next to the porch hides under the porch where he sees Michonne and Carl coming. Prince Charming 5 is eating on the porch right above Rick and just when Rick is going to kill this guy, there is a scuffle in the house and PC5 runs in to see what is wrong. Rick RUNS to Michonne and Carl and scoots them away from the house of rapists. They find their way to the train tracks where they see the sign for sanctuary that Carol, Tyrese and those annoying girls found last week. Maybe they'll reunite next week?

In the meantime, Glenn and Tara have made new friends-military man Abraham, some chick who's outfit is a poor man's Lara Croft so I instantly don't care about her, and EUGENE. Sigh. Abraham has a pretty impressive ginger stache/buzz cut combo but it's Eugene who stole my heart. He's a scientist who cannot shoot and has a MULLET. He's the trifecta-HANDS OFF GIRLS! Abraham tells Glenn that he has to abort his whole "finding his wife" nonsense because they have real business at hand: getting Eugene to Washington DC to save the world. Apparently Eugene (being super awesome of course) had been in contact with fellow scientists in Washington DC until a few weeks prior when all communication was lost. These Washington scientists know how to stop this crazy apocalypse but they need Eugene and his mullet to do it. Glenn tells him thanks but no thanks, he's going to find Maggie come hell or high water. Abraham doesn't understand feelings and can't comprehend why Glenn won't help. They break into a fist fight and lo and behold, this brings out the surrounding herd of zombies. Eugene and his mullet don't know how to shoot and when the guys won't stop punching each other to help a brotha out, he takes it upon himself to start shooting up their only mode of transportation: the tank. He may have hit a zombie or two but mostly the tank. Abraham and Glenn finally stop fighting long enough to take the zombies out. Glenn says sorry-not-sorry and starts walking towards finding his love. Tara and Lara Croft Jr follow and Abraham and Eugene are left to discuss what they'll do. Eugene makes Abraham his bitch with the best line EVER: "I'm smarter than you so listen to me". He tells Abraham to follow him (which he does) and they catch up with Glenn and Tara.

Next week it looks like we'll see more of Darryl and Beth and HOPEFULLY some of our peeps will reunite?? Thank you for reading-hope you enjoyed! Please like/comment/share if you did! =)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The return of the Blog-The Walking Dead Edition

I had started this blog late last year at the suggestion of my boss and friend who knew of my love of writing and thought it would be a great thing to do for myself. I only wrote 3 of them as the holidays/life became so busy. So what better way to come back to writing/blogging then by discussing one of my favorite tv shows and it's return as well?

The premiere episode featuring Rick/Carl gave us insight to what their relationship has become and how Carl very much blames his dad for what had happened to Shane, Judith, and his Mom. Carl is annoying (we can all agree to that) BUT we have to remember: This kid is still a kid-in the Zombie Apocolpyse no less. It's a pretty crappy hand to be dealt for the best of adults, never mind a pre-teen. And he's seen/suffered a lot of loss. One of the biggest things that I will take away from that episode is not only how he realized how much he did love his dad when he thought he was zombified and couldn't find the strength to kill him, but how he found and went HAM on that giant can of pudding. Go Carl! We also got to see a snippet of Michonne's backstory which was great to see but definetly not enough of. (I think the latin term for Michonne is Badass but can't be sure). She is one of the most compelling, kickass characters on that show and it's her heart-and her tears when she saw Carl and Rick, that make her so freakin endearing and just plain awesome.

This past week's episode FINALLY showed what we were all holding our collective breath for: DARRYL!!! Sigh. Ok, ok sorry I know I shouldn't sigh in a blog. But seriously men sigh at Darryl too so let's not kid ourselves! Darryl isn't the only survivor we see but damn it he's the one we've waiting for! Darryl survived and is surviving with Herschel's other daughter Beth. I kind of like the relationship here because Beth has been only Herschel's daughter/Maggie's sister/Judith's nanny so it will be interesting to see who she really is. And I think she will give Darryl a little bit of light in a dark, dark place. Tyrese is also alive with those two girls who's names I can't remember. One of them kills bunnies and almost killed Judith so there's that (sooooociopath much???). This show is graphic. But when that little (expletive) would NOT move her hand off of Judith's mouth...that was a lot. Even for this show. I never wanted to leap through the tv more but thankfully they spared us and she did remove her hand long enough to allow Judith to live and to run from a Zombie. That was by far the most disturbing thing so far on this show. But as if in a dream, CAROL reappears and thankfully Judith is in some safe and loving arms. Finally! Carol has been very, very missed. And we learn that she had been following them from the prison, which means she was going to defy Rick and go back to her "home". GO CAROL. I hope that Tyrese goes easy on Carol when he learns that it was her that killed his love but if not, we know that Sally Sociopath will take care of it. #prayforTyrese. Maggie, Sasha and Bob are also alive and trying to find Glenn. Ok, what is Bob's deal???? He's such a weirdo that I can't tell what the heck is going on. He seems smitten with Sasha but Sasha is having none of it. Maggie is bound and determined to find Glenn and will go through a bus full of zombies to do it. Meanwhile, Glenn is at the prison alone and seemingly giving up until he finds a picture of his love. That gives him the oooomph he had been lacking to go out, find some riot gear, march right past those pesky zombies and find his love!!! He passes a very sad and contrite Tara who apologized for backing the wrong horse (The Governor) and basically enabling the killing of Glenn's father in law, which Glenn did not know about. Glenn took the news surprisingly well and and is determined to find his love no matter what. He reminds us what Herschel always said and lived his life by: Always Believe. Awwwwwe.

So that sums up the past two episodes of The Walking Dead and my return to blogging. Hope you all enjoyed!!! Please feel free to comment/like/share.