Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful in a Pop Culture world

Seeing as it's Thansksgiving Eve, it's fitting that I discuss the many things to be thankful for in our beloved culture of pop. I am thankful for Bravo for introducing me to all the "Real Housewives of Everywhere" who I love to watch on tv but would never, ever be associated with in real life. In the words of a Real Housewife "Money can't buy you class" (and as the franchise as a whole proves, it can't buy you taste, true relationships, sincerity or a soul). I am also thankful for the Miley's, the Beibers, and the Brangelina's who grace the pages of my weekly bibles and for whom without there would be no pop culture Kelly. And that's just a plain sad thought =( Imagine if I would have to take up a REAL hobby like reading actual books, drawing, exercise...hahahahahaha ok kidding about the last one. But honestly, it's these fantastically f*cked up people that give our lives some perspective. For myself,I don't have money but I have amazing friends and family that are authentic and sincere. And there is honestly no amount of money in the world that could best that.

So let's all be grateful for the pop culture things in life that makes us laugh, cry, laugh and cry...and that gives us perspective on our own lives. Thank you pop culture and all the hot messes that it consists of. THANK YOU. And thank you to each one of you who read this and comment, like, share or just enjoy it. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

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