Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful in a Pop Culture world

Seeing as it's Thansksgiving Eve, it's fitting that I discuss the many things to be thankful for in our beloved culture of pop. I am thankful for Bravo for introducing me to all the "Real Housewives of Everywhere" who I love to watch on tv but would never, ever be associated with in real life. In the words of a Real Housewife "Money can't buy you class" (and as the franchise as a whole proves, it can't buy you taste, true relationships, sincerity or a soul). I am also thankful for the Miley's, the Beibers, and the Brangelina's who grace the pages of my weekly bibles and for whom without there would be no pop culture Kelly. And that's just a plain sad thought =( Imagine if I would have to take up a REAL hobby like reading actual books, drawing, exercise...hahahahahaha ok kidding about the last one. But honestly, it's these fantastically f*cked up people that give our lives some perspective. For myself,I don't have money but I have amazing friends and family that are authentic and sincere. And there is honestly no amount of money in the world that could best that.

So let's all be grateful for the pop culture things in life that makes us laugh, cry, laugh and cry...and that gives us perspective on our own lives. Thank you pop culture and all the hot messes that it consists of. THANK YOU. And thank you to each one of you who read this and comment, like, share or just enjoy it. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Miley of it All

Second blog-yay! Thank you to all who read my first one and shared/commented/emailed me about it. Combining my love of writing and pop culture nonsense is a dream come true so thank you to those who read this and encourage the madness! =) For blog #2 I though we could discuss good ol' Miley Cyrus. She's another polarizing figure in pop culture and who is taking up my valuable magazine space. As the writer of this here blog, it is my duty to be honest and speak my truth on all things blogged, however embarrassing they may be. Since confession is good for the soul, here it is: I have to admit that I enjoy her music. When driving in my car I may or may not blast "Wrecking Ball" and belt it out like the Mariah Carey I think I am. (May or may not. What happens in the Hyundai stays in the Hyundai!). In my defense, she has catchy hooks, decent lyrics and a voice that doesn't induce nausea. So for today's standard of music, that's not too shabby. People are outraged by her behavior and I have to wonder why. When I was growing up we had Madonna. THE Madonna. The inventor of pushing the envelope. THE Madonna who would gyrate on crosses, publish "art" books that was basically just expensive porn and would kiss girls (before Katy wrote a song about it and made it trendy). That was SHOCKING to our parents but we as children ate it up with a spoon. I can remember walking around singing the lyrics to "Like a Virgin" even though I had no clue what a virgin was. Basically Miley ain't re-inventing the wheel here. I honestly don't get the revulsion people of my age group are showing for her, and I feel it's kind of unwaranted and hypocritical. Those who are expressing the outrage are those who also sang Madonna lyrics and wore the white lace with the big cross to copy her. Do I like Miley desicrating what was once a wholesome foam finger? Of course not. But is it worse than anything Madonna did in the past? In my opinion, no. Miley and her team are smart. They got people talking about her and those who are so outraged by her performances are just fueling her for more envelope-pushing antics. She's keeping herself relevant by doing outlandish things and those who protest and get all up in arms are basically encouraging her to go further. She's young, ambitious and has a real talent for pissing people off-she will be around for a long time, like it or not. I would like to hear from those who feel like I do and from those who don't. Please feel free to comment/share/and like on Facebook. Thank you again and hope to hear from you! Pop Culture Kelly

Thursday, November 7, 2013

At the suggestion of a certain boss and friend (who swore a blood oath to share and like this!) I am writing a blog. Now, I have zero personal blogging experience but an embarrassingly vast and useless abundance of pop culture knowledge. So by reading blogs by StanleyFoolchild and a certain Teddy Bear Pimp, hopefully their humor and intellect will influence my own blog and be what this will turn out to be a good experience for both myself and the reader. And if not, a certain boss/friend will be on her own for lunch for a few weeks! =) Thank you in advance for reading this and please feel free to share/like this if you do, in fact, like this.

For my very first blog I am going to tackle the Kardashians. Or the Kartrashians, however you care to refer to them. I would love to not refer to them at all, but I digress (sorry Lois!!!). Like it or not, they rule the pop culture world at this moment and very polarizing from what I have found-you either love them or hate them. Their pimpmomager Kris has turned what may have been a quasi-normal family into what we see today. Now I love me some reality tv. Bravo shows rule my DVR. And I confess to watching their show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" when it first came out. I will also confess to enjoying Bruce and Khloe in the beginning-but that's all you get out of me.  Because as a whole, I find them to be all that I despise: shallow, vapid, and fake. If they are not born of Kris Jenner, they are easily disposable and cast away (here's lookin at you Kris Humphries!). TheKardashians may have, at one point in time, been a family that genuinely loved each other. But all you see now is scripted moments of a shallow existence. The majority of them care only about themselves and the ones that might still be human are beaten down to shells of their former selves. The saddest part of all is that there are young girls who look up to this "family" as something to aspire to. Kim, the originator of "I got famous for a sex tape and have no other credentials at all" is the worst example any girl could follow and yet she's on a magazine weekly. She's thrown in our faces in a way that we can't look away even though we really, really want to. I want my 4 year old niece to look up to hard working, honest, kind, compassionate, selfless people. They aren't glitzy but they're what it's all about.They may not rent out baseball stadiums to stage an engagement (Giants fans are rightly outraged about that) but they exemplify what really matters in this world.  Sadly though, there is a new crop ofKardashian's being spun off as I type this and bred to carry on this legacy of trash. So any dreams I had of them vanishing off the face of my beloved magazines are gone. Le sigh. But I will never lose hope that there will be better role models out there for our kids to look up to. What do you think of them? Do you agree or do you actually like them? Please comment and let me know what you think. Lois is Team Kardashian but I want to hear others opinions =)

And that concludes my first blog. Kristin, thank you for the push to do this. Again, if you like this thank you and please feel free to like/share this. I could ramble on and on about pop culture and all things irrelevant, so if I have a forum that people want to ramble with me with even better!  Kelly